Father’s Day Special: The Unbreakable Bond Between Fathers And Daughters

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A father-daughter bond is beyond beautiful. If you’ve ever observed the relationship between a father and his daughter, you’ll notice that there’s no other relationship that compares to it. The special bond they share is irreplaceable and probably remains the same even if they go through ups and downs. A daughter will always be a dad’s little girl, no matter her age. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to talk about this beautiful bond and bring to light the importance a dad plays in his daughter’s life. If you’re eager to know, keep reading this article to find out!

Benefits Of A Strong Father-Daughter Relationship

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While it’s evident that a good father-daughter relationship is unique, research suggests that there’s more to it. A strong father figure can impact a daughter’s life in more ways than one. It helps in the general personality development of a female and promotes emotional, social, and intellectual development. The study also says that an absent father in a daughter’s life may cause certain forms of maladjustment in her life (1).

If you have just welcomed a little girl into your life and are wondering what you can do to build and strengthen your relationship with her, here are a few things you can do:

1. Start Early

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To establish a well-rounded relationship with your daughter, start at the very beginning. From the day she is born, involve yourself in her life. Care for her just as much as her mother does and take care of her with your whole heart. You can start even before your baby is born and talk to them while they are in the womb to help bond better (2).

2. Be Her Teacher

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Your daughter will look up to you. Be the person she is inspired by and set a good example for her. Teach her values, lessons, and virtues that will benefit her in her entire life. Apart from life lessons, teach her about the little joys of life. Take her on adventures, treks and teach her something new each day.

3. Be Their Confidant

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Your girl would want you to listen to her. In her growing phase she’s going through so much, discovering new things that can at times overwhelm her. Having someone she can pour her heart out would be something she will really appreciate. And who better than her father to be the confidant?

As much as teaching your daughter life lessons is essential, it’s equally important to lend her an ear. Be present and give her your undivided attention. Allow her to confide in you without fear of judgment, punishment, or anger. Most importantly, do not break her trust. When she confides in you, make sure you keep her confidence and do not repeat it to anyone.

4. Plan Fun Time

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Chalk out special father-daughter activities that you can do together. These activities don’t have to be expensive or fancy. You could cook a simple meal together or create a DIY project. The simplest ways to bond with your daughter are the most fun. So, maybe you can learn a dance routine and surprise the rest of your family. Plus, you never know — your daughter may develop new hobbies and interests through these activities!

5. Treat Your Partner Well

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Your daughter will pick up on how you treat her mother. Therefore, be aware of how you treat your partner, especially in the presence of your daughter. If you have a disagreement or argument with your partner, don’t disrespect and disregard her. These incidents may leave a lasting impression on your young daughter and affect her future relationships.

Treating your spouse with respect will also help build your daughter’s self respect. She will grow up being proud that her father is a class apart who respects women. This in turn will reassure her that any kind of abuse from men is not acceptable and she deserves the same kind of respect that you give to your spouse.

6. Instill Self-confidence In Them

Instill Self-confidence In Them

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Our society often tells girls about all the things they can’t or shouldn’t do. From a young age girls are made to learn restrictions while at the same time boys are encouraged to be go-getters. No wonder that such parenting often results in girls growing up with a lack of experience and confidence in themselves. Instead, in this new age, fathers can teach their daughters all the things they can do. Why should only kitchen work be reserved for a girl when she can very well fix a window or repair a girl if taught how to. And who else to teach these life skills than a father. Fathers can teach their daughters so many skills and things which are traditionally considered to be reserved to be for males. In doing so, every father with a daughter will help narrow down the issue of gender disparity.

7. Take Pride In Her Successes And Achievements

Take Pride In Her Successes And Achievements

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Even if she might not outwardly show it, she will always seek your approval in everything she does. Be it her piano recital, ballet showcase or academic performance, at every stage there would be challenges, successes, and ,at times, failures too. But your unwavering support will always give her the courage and reassurance. And when you take joy and pride in her special moments when she goes on to achieve things, the happiness will know no bounds.

Having a daughter is a blessing to all the fathers out there. She will be by your side through thick and thin. The more you nurture this beautiful relationship, the more will be the joy and contentment from it. Daughters learn a lot from their relationship with their father. It influences their romantic relationships, friendships, and even the relationship they have with themselves. Therefore, dads be mindful of your actions and follow John Mayer’s advice: “Fathers be good to your daughters”. Was this article relatable to you? Let us know in the comments below which father-daughter duo you have seen that warms your heart!


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