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Every parent hopes to give their child the best of everything.

I hope, strive and often struggle to give my baby the best, just like you do too.I want my baby to have a better life than I've had - and I am not getting philosophical here. It's about the little joys that are within my reach - like softer clothes, nicer toys and safer food that I know will keep her happy, healthy, safe and comfortable.

But often these days, I am really not 100% sure or satisfied with the products I buy for my baby. It isn't like they're aren't good - it is just that they have become the norm. Like a brand of powder I use for her diaper rash. I have read in a prominent paper that it has chemicals, toxins and some other stuff that I am not really comfortable with, so I stopped using that. But I don't have a choice or a worthy alternative that'll keep my child comfortable - I have tried natural cures, moisturisers like virgin oils and even cow ghee - but those aren't easy to use and i am not sure if my baby likes them either.

This frustrated me and many other young moms I knew. It became a regular topic of discussion at get-togethers with friends and relatives who have babies at home. In fact, research by Discover Health & Wealth states that more than 90% of our daily care and baby care products are laced with harmful chemicals! That sent jitters down my spine, especially as my baby has very sensitive skin.

Why Is MadeSafe So Important?

MadeSafe is America's first comprehensive human health-focused certification for nontoxic products, from baby to personal care to household and beyond. Their goal is to change the way products are made, to ultimately eliminate the use of toxic chemicals altogether.

MadeSafe screens ingredients against their exhaustive Toxicant Database of known harmful chemicals, which is made up of thousands of chemicals found on scientifically authoritative lists from organizations and agencies around the world.


MadeSafe scientifically examines ingredients for bioaccumulation, persistence and aquatic toxicity. All this means your MadeSafe certified Mama Earth baby care product is completely toxin free and safe, which is what every child really deserves.

Here's How Mama Earth Is Safe & Effective


Mama Earth products are carefully formulated by award-winning doctors, medical researchers, expert medical researchers and an ever-growing panel of beautiful moms who really want to give their kids a formulation that is safe, comfortable and effective. With years of scientific research and taking the latest developments in organic science and Ayurveda into consideration, Mama Earth has created a unique and natural range of baby care products that every baby truly deserves.

Every Mama Earth product is stringently tested for quality and to assure that it is 100% safe:


Every Mama Earth Product Is Certified Child-Safe & Is Toxin Free

All Mama Earth products come approved with a range of quality certifications that just prove how reliable, relevant and pure the products are.


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Gentle cleansing shampoo for babies

Moisturizing Daily Lotion with shea butter and jojoba

Hi! I am mamaearth’s shampoo. I understand that shampooing is no easy task and involves real cleaning. Well, I am here for you. Let your baby enjoy my thick, soft and instant foam while i gently cleanse hair and scalp. My 100% toxin free formula gives your baby soft and nourished hair . I take special care not to irritate those sensitive eyes and be gentle on skin. You know i’d do anything for your little one, don’t you?

It's Great For Your Baby Because It is Made With:

Coconut based cleansers and conditioners, Lavander essential oil

And Unlike Most Popular Brands In The Market It Doesn't Contain:

no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances or dyes

Give Your Baby Silky Smooth Hair That's Soft & Healthy With Mama Earth Baby Shampoo

MomJunction @ Just Rs.299/-

Young Moms Like You Share Their Happy Mama Earth Stories…


“This stuff, I don't know why or how, but it's magic. My daughter has a had a horrible red rash on her bum since she wears diaper all the time. Nothing would help her poor sensitive skin. We tried everything that typically works, Vaseline, Himalaya diaper cream, steroid ointment, etc. Nothing helped her, and I was seriously starting to lose sleep over it. A friend of mine recommended this, and I finally was like why not? Considering I had literally tried EVERYTHING else for the rash on her bum, within ONE application the stubborn rash on her bum was gone OVERNIGHT.”

- Rashmi Pandey


Like any mom, I'm very conscious about what I put on my baby's body. I have tried a few body baths like Aveeno and Chicoo but it gives her dry skin. I loved these. They smell great, they are gentle on skin, and they have no harsh chemicals! It gives me peace of mind to know that it is MadeSafe certified and all ingredients in this product are safe for her skin. It's a total win-win for any mom/baby. 

- Esha Gosian


I always thought to myself, oil is oil. I'll just use coconut oil since I use it for everything else but when I was given a sample of this, I knew I was wrong. This oil is different than any other oil ive ever used. First of all it doesn't feel oily. It feels velvety and goes right into the skin. We love this stuff. The brand is Asia's 1st MadeSafe brand and is wonderful in general.

- Akanksha Virmani


This lotion is amazing. It came in a good sized bottle with enough to last quite a while. I received a small sample in a welcome baby gift bag and I loved the lotion so much I bought it. What I really like about it is that it smells really good without being overpowering. It is not greasy feeling and it has made my baby's dry skin feel so soft. I love that it is made with safe ingredients so I feel comfortable putting it on my baby knowing that she isn't getting a bunch of nasty harmful chemicals on her precious body. Will definitely buy again

- Anshu Das
Get Mama Earth Shampoo At An
Introductory Price of Rs.299/-
(Only Till 15th Jan, New Year Offer)
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