Live Classes For Kids

Online extracurricular classes for kids conducted by experts in the field.

Book your favourite classes and learn from comfort and safety of home.


"The classes are excellent! Sumanth really wanted to learn hip hop but there was nothing nearby. The trainer is great as well!"

- Roopa, mom of an 8 year old

"Must say, it’s a thought through platform! My daughter is enjoying every session. Didn't think online learning would be this much fun and so efficient"

- Sampoorna, mom of a 5 year old

"Kidero is a great platform for kids. I’ve shared Kidero with all of Yashasvi’s friends as well."

- Swati, mom of a 9 year old

"Kidero truly came in as a blessing. I wish I knew about it a month earlier."

- Divya, mom of 7 year old and a 4 year old

"It's incredible that we don't have to travel to drop my kid for classes. Kidero's online classes really help!"

- Latif, father of a 11 year old

"I was worried that my son will lose out on extracurriculars during the pandemic. Luckily Kidero was able to help. The classes are very professional and my son looks forward to it everyday"

- Garima, mom of a 7 year old