Know Our Team

Every article that we bring out has multiple teams working on it. Writers, editors, designers, SEO analysts, publishers, and techies, among others, come together to contribute to the content that we produce on MomJunction. Driving these teams in the right direction are their heads. Meet the managers of the teams that are behind our content creation.


Bhavana Navuluri

Head of Content Operations

Bhavana manages a team of writers and editors. She has over 20 years of experience in content creation, with more than ten years in leading and guiding teams. She previously worked in the editorial desks of The New Indian Express and The Times of India. Bhavana believes in responsible reporting and is against sensationalism; this reflects in the way her team presents the articles. In addition, she loves to cross-utilize her experiences as a mother and the editor of a parenting site.


Aashiya Goyal

Head of SEO

Aashiya has over a decade of experience in all things related to digital marketing. She is passionate about crafting strategies that improve inbound traffic and sales. Being a mother herself, she brings firsthand experience into ideating content that parents would want to read. Aashiya’s team delves into subjects on parenting, strategizes the presentation, and works closely with the editorial team to bring out the best pieces of content that our readers appreciate.


Kevin Crasta

Head of Design and Publishing

Kevin leads the design and publishing team of MomJunction and Stylecraze. With an experience of over eight years, his focus has been on brand strategy, brand identity, and communication design. His team publishes thousands of articles every month and designs informative and aesthetic creatives that add value to our articles. Using a minimalistic approach, Kevin brings forth the essentials without compromising on aesthetics or originality. He enjoys cooking, sci-fi movies, comics, street photography, skateboarding, and surfing.


Dinesh Sharma

Head of Technology

Dinesh heads the tech team that is behind the development and management of MomJunction and its sister sites. By core, he is a PHP programmer and has 15 years of experience in open source technologies in web development. His team continuously works on implementing new features and upgrades on the sites to give the best user experience to our readers. Dinesh likes to read technology blogs to keep himself updated and watch movies in his spare time.


Rakesh Pinumalla

Head of Social Media

Rakesh has 10 years of experience in Social & Digital Media. As the head of social media for MomJunction and StyleCraze, Rakesh plans and builds on strategies to strengthen our presence on these platforms. His fine knowledge and expertise guides the team in creating trending content on current topics. During his off-work hours, Rakesh likes to cook and read social blogs to keep himself abreast with the latest trends.

Ashok Vardhan

Ashok Vardhan

Software Architect

As a software architect, Ashok is responsible for handling complex design matters and helping development teams choose the right tools, platforms, and coding standards. He develops high-level specifications (feasibility, design, high performance, scalability) with attention to system integration. His everyday work includes solving technical problems, selecting the right development environment, and working on ad-ops technologies.

Ashok did his masters in Computer Applications and has over 15 years of experience in open source technologies in web development. During his free time, he likes reading technology blogs, solving complex problems, playing cricket, and watching movies.


Devika Rao

Head of Affiliate Marketing

With more than seven years of experience in SEO, Devika heads the affiliate marketing of MomJunction and StyleCraze. She and her team strategize and implement the best affiliate practices to give consumers the information they need to make purchasing decisions. She likes to keep herself updated with the latest developments in the field for value addition to the company as well as the readers.

Shiva Krishna G

Shiva Krishna G

Ad Ops Manager

Shiva has over nine years of experience in ad operations in the field of digital marketing, online marketing, and ad server technologies. He is a specialist in DSP and SSP (Small Business and Premium), AdSense and AdX, and integration with header/exchange bidding wrappers. Shiva focuses on optimizing the ad revenues for MomJunction and StyleCraze while maintaining the standards.