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I got my hands on the New Pampers Premium Care Pants, and instantly fell in love with it

I have been using disposable diapers for my daughter since day one. I have tried almost all the brands available in the market - taped ones to pants, from extra absorption to extra comfortable, thin or soft, cute or basic - but no brand checked all the boxes for me - that is still I stumbled on the new pampers premium care pants. It’s soft, has superior absorbility, wetness indicator and ensures that my lil one doesn’t get rashes. I couldn’t be happier, seeing my baby happy in a nappy! ‐ Gulanar patel

There Is No Doubt That Pampers Has Launched Such A FANTASTIC Product!

The New Pampers Premium Care Pants are the softest pampers ever. And all you need to do is try it and feel the need to touch this diaper to believe it. The diaper is as soft as cotton and the belt, which is in contact with the baby for the longest time, is extremely soft and stretchy. More than me, my baby is so happy with the product. Seriously, it couldn’t get better than this!! ‐ Abba Lanong

They are sooooo soft!

I heard a lot from other mothers’ about the new Pampers Premium Care Pants and wanted to try them out. It is every bit a product for the mother and baby - it’s super soft, absorbs really well and aloe which protects the baby’s skin from rashes or itching and best of all it has a indicator that tells you when it’s time to throw of the nappy - no checking again and again.

Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pants Are The Softest Ever And My Baby Loves It!

My daughter usually wears diaper pants at night, my way to ensure that she gets a good night’s sleep. This diaper works so well throughout the night. The wetness doesn’t get collected as a lump. That’s not it, it has a ‘Wetness Indicator’ that turns yellow to blue, giving me a signal to change the diaper. Also, because of its softness, my baby is happy and comfortable. The belt is soft and stretchable and leaves no red marks on my kid’s waistline and thighs. I must say that Pampers has launched a SUPER-COOL product to keep all Mommies SUPER-COOL from their worries.

Yes, That Fragrance Is Another Factor For Me Loving It More!

The usually amazing pampers diaper is now combined with aloe vera which acts as a protective layer on the delicate baby skin around the butts and groin. The moment I opened the packet, I could see the difference between the diapers I used previously and the “PAMPERS PREMIUM CARE PANTS” that I was holding in my hand. There has been no looking back since that day. No diaper rashes at all, no frequent diaper changes - one diaper lasts up to 12 hours for a heavy-wetter baby like mine - and extreme softness is an added advantage. ‐ Pradnya Salve

What a awesome product that ticks all boxes

To all new mom’s who are starting their kids on diapers - you have to try the new Pampers Premium Care pants. They are the softest diapers that your baby would absolutely feel comfortable in and with its high absorption and aloe vera lotion makes sure that the baby doesn’t get rashes or is comfortable in the diaper. ‐ Preety Tiwari

Pampers is the best for the baby and me with such an easy disposal method!

I am constantly looking for diapers that help keep my baby as dry and as comfortable as possible and at the same time I want to make sure that there is least leakage (and least work for me). Pampers Premium Care Pants comes with a small disposal tape at the back which is thick enough to hold the bulky diaper together. So now when it comes to disposing off dirty diapers, I don’t need to roll them in a newspaper or use a disposal bag, I can just pull the disposal tape given at the back and stick one corner to another. And voila! It is done! I am so glad that Pampers is constantly improving and making my life easy! ‐ Gunjan

All Concerns About Diapering Laid To Rest

I have always trusted Pampers for my daughter. I recently tried their New Premium Care Pants and absolutely loved the softness of the diapers - the new range also has aloe gel to protect from rashes, absorbs really well and has a easy disposable tape. From the quality to the ease of use I would highly recommend trying the New Pampers Premium Care Pants!! ‐ Aesha Shah

It works perfectly through the night

Pampers new premium pants are just fabulous - they have made the diapering journey easier and comfortable for both the mumma and the baby. I am so happy to be a Pampers loyalist for my baby. ‐ Cheni Adukia

This Diaper Has Me Sold!

OMG! the new Pampers Premium Care Pants are so soft, I think even comparing it to cotton is an understatement. And it’s soft all around, including the legs and the cuff area. The infusion of aloe vera gel in the diaper also makes it a win-win for me as it prevents rashes on my baby’s delicate skin. Plus, the flexible waistband ensures my baby is always comfy. I’d recommend all mothers to try it! ‐ Bhavana N.

Being a mother, it is my constant attempt to find the best for my baby.

As a mother, I’m totally satisfied with the product. I couldn't have asked for anything better as this is the best, I would personally recommend Pamper Premium to all the mothers, who are reluctant to use diapers. As the diaper passes all the quality checks that a mother is usually concerned about, it’s a green signal. The product is simply premium in all ways and we totally love it. ‐ Pallavi

My Baby Love it! I’m giving them a big high five!

I simply love the new pampers premium diapers - a very thoughtfully designed product for both the baby and mom. I’m giving them a big high five! ‐ Neha Jain

Mommas, Say Hello To The Softest Diaper Ever!

I love this diaper - it’s super soft - the softest diaper in the market - something my baby absolutely loves and doesnt constantly tug at. I’ve finally found the perfect diaper for my baby, which manages to tick all the right boxes! It is little expensive but then It’s truly premium!

My experience with Pampers Premium Care Pants has been awesome!

This new Mommy job is full of responsibilities and choosing the best diapers was a task! Recently, I got a chance to attend the launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants. I was thrilled to see the comfort, durability, softness, and absorbency of the diaper. I have been using these diapers from the past two weeks and these diapers have nourished my baby’s skin with its enriched aloe vera lotion. Plus. they provide a good care system for the baby! ‐ Deepali

FANTASTIC product! It couldn’t get better than this!

The New Pampers Premium Care Pants are exceptionally soft on the inside and along the leg cuff area. I was happy to see no marks on my baby’s waist and thighs. And with the wetness indicator in place there is no need to check again and again if the diaper is wet. If anyone asked me what is the best product for my baby’s skin and activeness, I would strongly recommend the New Pampers Premium Care Pants. 5/5 for this excellent product! All in all, I am super impressed! ‐ Jigna Gautam