Deann Burch

Numerologist, Astrologer

Numerology, Astrology
40+ years

Deann Burch is a seasoned numerologist with over four decades of experience. Raised by a father who was a natural healer and a mother who was a 5th-generation psychic medium, Deann showed interest in metaphysics at an early age. As a global career development facilitator and certified career services professional, she utilized numerology to provide insights into the purpose and personality of students. She has studied at the Arthur Findley College in England and founded SylvanWise Integrated Journeys, where she offers transformative tools and resources to guide individuals in uncovering the depths of their soul's purpose. She empowers individuals to embrace their unique essence and align with their innate purpose through Know Your Soul classes, journey sessions, psychic readings, and astrological and numerological consultations.

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