Dina Totosegis


Registered Dietitian in Pediatrics
McGill University

Dina Totosegis is a registered dietitian specializing in pediatrics. She has graduated from McGill University with Bachelors in Physiology as well as Dietetics and Human Nutrition. She started working in wellness clinics and fitness clubs in Montreal, Canada, and Austin, US, helping individuals establish a healthy way of life through nutritious food, an active lifestyle, and a positive mindset. 

Since becoming a new mom, Dina realized she could have a greater impact by working with families and sharing her expertise with other moms as they embrace their new feeding role and embark on a food journey with their little ones. She thus founded ‘Sprouting Foodies’, her Montreal-based private practice. She continues to refine her expertise as a pediatric dietitian and constantly stays up to date with current research on early childhood nutrition and evidence-based feeding approaches. She also sought out additional feeding educational training through The SOS Approach to Feeding and is currently a member of the International Starting Solids & Picky Eating Networks. When not busy helping mamas, you will find her either stirring up new flavors in the kitchen, staying active with interval training workouts, or exploring the world through her daughter’s eyes. 

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