Dr. Dave Candy


Orthopedic Physical Therapy
University of Pittsburgh, The Manual Therapy Institute
10+ years

Dr. Dave Candy is a physical therapist and a certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, with over ten years of experience. He owns and manages his physical therapy firm More 4 Life in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Candy specializes in aiding individuals aged 40 and above in alleviating orthopedic discomforts without the need for medical or surgical interventions.

Commencing his professional journey as an athletic trainer, Dr. Candy obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2008. Between 2010 and 2012, he took up an orthopedic manual physical therapy fellowship. Subsequently, in 2015, he secured certification in the art of dry needling.

Concurrently, Dr. Candy has undertaken an extensive self-study of pain science and its intricate mechanisms. Today, his approach tailors treatments to the unique prerequisites, aspirations, and principles of each patient. Dr. Candy has authored a book “Chronic Pain: You're Not Just Getting Older, You're Not Crazy, and It's Not All In Your Head”.

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