Dr. Shalini MA


Gynecology and Fertility
P.E.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Andhra Pradesh
7 years

Dr. Shalini MA is a fertility specialist with over seven years of experience in the field of infertility evaluation, IUI, IVF, laparoscopy, high-risk pregnancy, and adolescent care. Currently running her own clinic in Tumkur, Karnataka, Dr. Shalini has presented several research papers and won awards for her contribution, with the latest being on “Cycle day, Estradiol level, Endometrial thickness and Lead follicle size: To optimize the start criteria for GnRH antagonist” at KISAR 2019. She has also contributed to the book “Obstetric Emergencies”, 3rd Edition, Dr. Kamini A Rao, with her insights on peripartum cardiomyopathy and cardiac failure in pregnancy. Dr. Shalini pursued her MBBS from SSIMSRC, Karnataka, MS OBG from P.E.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Andhra Pradesh, and FMAS from World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon.

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