Dr. Shefalii Gupta

MD, Ayurvedic doctor & Numerologist

Dr. Shefalii Gupta
Tarot card reading, Numerology, Reiki and Angel healing
Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
17+ years

Dr. Shefalii Gupta is a holistic healer and numerologist who believes in spreading positive energy and making spirituality accessible to all. She has completed her graduation in Ayurveda at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and advanced level certification in Numerology at Prism School of Numerology. Dr. Gupta owns a consultancy, Isekkai - A New Dimension, in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. She specializes in Chaldean and Comprehensive Pythagorean numerology. Dr. Gupta believes that numerology is not about escaping reality but it's about diving deeper into the essence of life and awakening to the infinite possibilities within and around us.

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