Jayshree Dhamani

PhD, Astrologer, Numerologist

Astrology, Numerology, Vastu-Feng Shui
Yoga-Samskrutham University and Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad
20 years

Jayshree Dhamani has been an astrologer, numerologist, and Vastu, Fengshui, tarot cards & graphology expert for about 20 years. Her area of expertise includes face-reading, palmistry, I Ching, rune casting, and crystal gazing. Jayshree did her master’s degree in astrology and vastu from Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, India and PhD in Vedanga Jyotisha-Jyotish Vaidyam from Yoga-Samskrutham University, Florida, US.

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