John Kenny

Master Coach Certification

John Kenny
Relationship Expert
College of North London
15 years

John Kenny is the host of The Relationship Guy podcast and is a coach to professional women who approach him for creating healthy loving relationships. He is the founder of Interpersonal Relationship Coaching (IRC) and author of The P.E.O.P.L.E. Programme.

During his 15 years of experience in personal development, John helped thousands of clients build relationships. He believes that the process has also changed his own life. He once spent his life with self-doubt and negative beliefs that affected his relationships, career and even his time as an international athlete.

Then he took upon himself to help people find the healthiest, highest quality relationships possible and understand the complexities of human behavior. Through IRC, he combines coaching, counseling, psychology and NLP to remove the roadblocks and help people find love and live a life they choose.

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