Kristina Tinsley


Kristina Tinsley
Products recommendations for moms and kids
Temple University
4 years

Kristina Tinsley graduated from Pennsylvania State University and did her MBA at Temple University. In 2020, when she was pregnant with her third child in short succession, she quit her corporate job for a much more rewarding lifestyle with her children at home. It was then that she founded All About Momma, a website that guides mothers in buying various products for their children. 

Kristina is a minimalist and doesn’t like to clutter her house with gadgets and gear that are not needed. Therefore, she ensures her readers, too, buy useful products and gear based on her thorough research. 

A nature-lover, Kristina is often found outside with her kids, hiking, biking, playing in the backyard, or walking in the neighborhood. Through her website, she shares her experiences with products that enable outdoor play and inspire moms with ideas of what to do, such as fun nature-themed arts and crafts. 

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