Marin McCarthy

Professional Makeup Artist

Marin McCarthy
Bridal & Editorial Makeup
Blanche Macdonald Institute
5 years

Marin McCarthy is a licensed, professional makeup artist with over five years of experience. Her company, Marin Eve Makeup, specializes in wedding parties and special events in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Marin prides on providing unique looks tailored exactly to her clients’ requests. 

As part of her Global Makeup Artistry course at Blanche Macdonald Institute, she learned the fundamentals of beauty makeup, color theory and formulation, special effects, high fashion, hair, and airbrushing. The program involved one year of rigorous testing in practical and written exams, and she graduated in 2019. 

Marin believes that the best part of being a makeup artist is making people feel beautiful inside and out. Seeing their face light up with confidence is why she does what she does.

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