Meenaakshie Dolare

BSc, Astrologer, Numerologist

Meenaakshie Dolare
Astrology, Numerology, and Vastu
Mumbai University
3 years

Meenaakshie Dolare shifted from corporate life to occult science while she was working in the hospitality industry. She began with Reiki and then learned tarot cards, numerology, astrology, and other occult subjects. Subsequently, she quit her corporate job and moved full time into numerology and astrology practice. Meenaakshie specializes in Chandelian and Vedic numerology and KP and Vedic astrology. She offers her services in name changes, word substitutions, healing codes, dowsing, Vastu, Reiki, and Lamba Fera healing. A firm believer in divine energy, Meenaakshie guides her clients in unleashing their true potential.

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