Radha Home

Vedic Astrologer

Radha Home
American Academy of Vedic Art and Science
14 years

Radha Home  is a practitioner and teacher of jyotish, yoga and mythology on the Big Island of Hawaii. She is a life-long lover of Astrology, as she was raised with the Western practice growing up. As a yoga teacher, she found the light of jyotisha through her advanced studies of yoga and ayurveda, and from there was captivated to know more. She studied with Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) through his American Academy of Vedic Art and Science and continued on to assist him with future classes. She offers Vedic Astrology readings for clients, forecast videos and articles, as well as a membership community for more in-depth and focused astrological insight.  

She is honored to be in service through her knowledge of this wisdom for the past 14 years, and it is her passion to weave the ancient sister sciences of India together. She is deeply humbled by how they can help us understand our place in the Universe and show us what we can physically do to navigate that here on Earth. It is her great joy to take complex astrological concepts and alignments and eloquently bring them to life in an accessible way for whom she is illuminating them. She is also passionate about sharing the Vedic and Tantric deities as portals of Consciousness, allowing their myths, mantras, yantras and iconography to unfold deep healing for her clients, students, and community.

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