Sri Suniiel Naik

BCom, Numerologist, Astrologer

Astro-Numerology, Astrology, Maha-Vastu
Swami Vivekananda College and Mumbai University
22 years

Sri Suniiel Naik started practicing numerology in the year 2000. Taking his interest in the occult further, he also studied the art of astrology, mantras, yantras, and scientific vaastu. His intuition started developing after age 40, wherein he devoted his time to researching the effect of the names on individuals. Suniiel has given scientific name vibrations, lucky and strong numbers, guidance, and consultations to several film personalities, TV artists, and sportspersons. He believes every name carries specific vibrations, so improperly spelled names could harm a person's health, wealth, education, career, relationships, and prestige. He advises parents to give their babies a vibrant and potent name worked out scientifically.

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