Tired of searching for the right toy for your child only to find nothing?
A Hassle-Free Toy To Improve Your Child's Writing Skills Faster Than Before - Hurry Up Before Stock Runs Out!
WARNING: The following is not for mothers who are not serious about their children's future.

I Don't Know Of Any Mother Who Got The Perfect Toy For Her Child Right On Day 1

Honestly, I don't know. And neither was I one such mother. And I guess, neither are you. (That's why you came to this page, haven't you?)

Your child is just beginning to know the world. There is no doubt you have big dreams for him. You want to see him become the most successful person on the planet.

And it all starts with a toy. Yes – a toy that encourages him to write – from where everything else starts.

But handling children, and especially handling children who handle toys, is not easy. There would be a mess. No doubt about that. And sometimes, the mess the toy creates might even hamper the child's learning drive. It might prove to be a distraction.

Now, that's not what you want!

So what could be the solution?


You've got to find a toy for your child. Yes, that's a given. But wait, it can't be just any other toy. If you want your child to grow up to become a successful individual, you must get him one such toy that is different - a toy that not only entertains him, but also improves his skills and is safe for him. But above all, a toy that doesn't create a mess, and instead supports your child's curiosity.

But it's hard (in fact, close to impossible) to find a toy that a child can use without creating a mess. We do have toys that are safe and educative for your child, and provide fun. But a toy your child can write on without creating a mess?

There can't be one such toy … or that's what I thought...

Introducing The Superbaby Little Explorer Doodle Mat

I was already tired of my fruitless search. I couldn't find one toy that would suit my child. Not one. As I was ready to give up and go ahead with just another toy in the market, I came across the Superbaby little explorer doodle mat.

And it looked like the only toy out there that is ideal for every child. A toy that improves your child's writing without being messy – and it does through 3 specific ways...

Here's how -


Through Being Safe For Your Child

  • The doodle mat is soft and light, and doesn't have any sharp edges that, otherwise, might harm your child.
  • It comes with a pen that can be filled with water, and not any ink that can be toxic.

Through Being Educative For Your Child

  • The doodle mat has different images on its border, which can encourage your child to draw and improve his creativity.
  • The doodles vanish as the water evaporates, and this can teach your child the basics of science.

Through Being Fun For Your Child

  • The doodles that disappear create a 'magic' like effect, making your child have fun.
  • The doodle mat itself is colourful and soft, making your child enjoy his experience.

And There's More!

What I shared is just the tip. There are other ways the doodle mat can be amazingly beneficial to your child.

Here's the real deal-

For your child's creative ability

- The little explorer doodle mat enhances your child's creative ability.

It encourages your child to draw the different pictures printed on the doodle mat's border. It can also motivate your child to use his own imagination and draw something that he can see through his mind's eye. How beautiful it would be to see your child grow to become a creative genius!

For your child's motor control

- The little explorer doodle mat improves your child's fine motor control.

It uses the water pen to draw on the doodle mat – this can also help him in the writing process as he grows old. Your child's eye-hand coordination also improves, given that drawing is the basic activity the toy promotes. So as your child grows, both his mental and physical faculties take shape the proper way.

For your child's cognitive abilities

- The little explorer doodle mat also aids in developing the cognitive abilities of your child.

This is done with the different images printed on the border, and also the stencil of different shapes that come with the toy. How do you feel when you imagine your child with amazing problem-solving skills and excelling in his academics! Well, that is bound to happen!

For your child's imagination

- The little explorer doodle mat kindles your child's imagination.

It encourages your child to use his imagination and draw something entirely new. This can even kindle his mental genius and might help discover his passion in the coming years. Now that's something you definitely want for your child, don't you?

For the scientist in your child

- The little explorer doodle mat can trigger the scientist in your child.

The image drawn with the water pen, as it evaporates, can also arouse your child's curiosity and kindle his interest in science. And who knows? Your child might become the next great scientist of tomorrow!

For your child's comfort

- The little explorer doodle mat can travel with your child!

You can simply fold the doodle mat and take it with you literally anywhere. ANYWHERE! So travelling wouldn't be a hindrance anymore, as your child will be on the learning curve even when you are on the go!

Could there be a better product for your child in the market?


You Don't Have To Take My Word For It.
But Listen To What Others Have To Say About The Superbaby Little Explorer Doodle Mat!

“Intellectual development is made easy through this model of teaching. The visual and tactile stimuli help enhance cognitive stimulation, which is a prerequisite for intellectual development. Children will get attracted to this mode of teaching as it has fascinating material. I congratulate Super Baby for contemplating, conceptualizing, and introducing this unique approach.”

- Dr. K Niranjan Reddy, Professor,
Clinical Psychology

“This educational kit is suited to the needs and patterns of the growth and potentialities of a preschooler. It provides the right amount and the right kind of stimulation at the right time and prepares the child for independence in reading and understanding the concept. I wish Super Baby the very best.”

- Mrs. Gita Kiran, Director of Gitanjali Group of Schools,
and also the recipient of a National Award from the Late Former President of India,
Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam in the Best Teacher category, 2004.

““Early Learning has always been my key focus. I remember how the use of puzzles, books, and other educational products helped develop the mind and hand-to-eye coordination of my kids. It set a strong foundation and helped develop a keen sense of understanding, which helped my daughter in topping the state in class XII (CBSE), and my son in playing cricket for the state in the under 19 category. I am thankful that I read about early learning at the right time and paid attention to it. I’m glad to see that SuperBaby is focussing on early learning. The DVDs are great with lovely images, videos, and music.”

- Ajitha Reddy, Mom, and Director of Hamstech
Institute of Fashion and Interior Design


The Superbaby Little Explorer Magical Drawing Matis the first toy to be designed with an entirely unique concept called i-connect – the i-connect model of learning focuses on teaching kids through 6 different media.


This is what one of the Supermoms had to say -

What do you say now?

I Want To Be 100% Transparent With You.
There Could Be Other Alternatives In The Market Too.

Yes. There would be alternatives. But are you looking for alternatives? Or for the exact toy that can benefit your child like no other? There are other kinds of toys available in the market too -

Battery operated toys
There is no guarantee these can be safe. Batteries have a tendency to leak, and a leaky battery is the first thing you must keep your child away from.

Toys that are designed for fun alone
Yes, fun is good. But until and unless you don't inculcate the habit of learning in your child, you can't expect to see him become successful. Most toys in the market, like I had already said, are only built for your child's fun. That is it. But is that what you want? Just your child to have fun without learning anything?

Remember, we spoke about your child's future? Him being the most successful person on the planet. Him beating the competition and overcoming obstacles. What about all that? How can all that be ever achieved from a toy that is just plain funny and has no other benefit?

Just think once. You are understanding this, aren't you? Great...

I Want To Remove All The Risk For You - And Hence, A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

A good product offers a discount. But a great product offers a guarantee as well. If the product doesn't work as specified, you will get a double refund. As simple as that.

You just have to get back to us within 30 days from the date of purchase of the product. And you need to send a video of you using the product (in case the product doesn't work properly). Plus, mention in detail as to how and why the product didn't meet your expectations. You can send your mail to this id – support@incnut.com.

With Everything I Have Told (And The Amazing Price I Was About To See), This Is Going To Be Too Good To Be True.. And Yes...There Is One Small Catch

The catch is simple. I want only serious mothers to take advantage of the toy. Mothers who want their children to grow up to become big men, and are PRETTY SERIOUS about it.

The actual price of the Superbaby Little Explorer Doodle Mat is Rs. 2,499. But it now comes for Rs. 1,499...

And the offer is for a limited period only (until the timer below expires, that is, till November 30th, 2016). Post that, the toy will be available at its original price only.

You wouldn't want to let go of the discount, would you?


The Superbaby little explorer's doodle mat also comes with a 6-months manufacturers' warranty.

Buy The Superbaby Doodle Mat Today And Help Your Child Get On The Road To Success!

I appreciate you for having taken the time to read this letter, and your patience to hear my story and see how I had solved the problem I had. Taking action today is your first step towards seeing your child win tomorrow in the outside world.

All the Best
Neerja Sharma


P.S: Missing out on this means you might not find your child on the road to success tomorrow. Or you may not find him as successful as you wanted him to be. Trust what your gut is telling and click on the Buy Button above.

P.P.S: Remember that when the clock expires on this page, the offer will be closed forever. With the guarantee there is, please understand that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the Buy Button above and get started today.