10 Women. 5 Hair Problems. 1 Solution.

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Hair problems are a pain! No matter what you do, issues like damage, roughness and dryness keep coming back. Neither grandma’s secrets nor fancy salon treatments work. Despair sets in and you feel like you’ll have bad hair days for. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.

Well, as hopeless as you might feel, a simple solution exists. One that’s been backed up by the personal experience of 10 ladies who’ve had their fair share of hair problems!

Curious? It’s Dove! This tried and tested hair care brand has helped solve the hair problems of millions of women. Don’t believe us? Sample the stories of 10 real women below-

1. Dull hair

Dull, lifeless hair can ruin your confidence. Luckily, Dove is here to give your tresses a healthy shine and bounce!

Photographer and an avid traveler, Bhumika B often suffered from the problem of dull hair during her many photography and travel expeditions. That is, until she found her savior in Dove!

“This was supposed to be my initial birthday post, heh. Ive been suffering from Alopicia for the longest time. When @dove got in touch with me last month, i thought i had to shoot a subject, but turns out they wanted me to photograph myself with their new product. A little nervous, thinking how it’ll react with my hair, i gave it a shot and lucky it didn’t react at all. :) My hair feels amazing and most importantly, i feel amazing. But, please do consult with your trichologist. I applied a foreign product after 5 months of intense treatment. Also, who needs makeup anyway? It’s dove after all! Let’s celebrate beauty the way it should be celebrated.“

An active food critic and a masterchef mom, Uma Raghumaran often encountered the issue of dry hair due to constantly working in the kitchen fumes. But she ensures they stay moisturized with a healthy dose of Dove!

“Today, I am sharing a different kind of post. It is about ‘Self-love’?

Cooking is my passion. I work from my home kitchen and every day I spend hours everyday cooking, creating new recipes and shooting them in my kitchen studio. But Heat is one of the major causes of hair damage for me. When you spend long hours in the kitchen, the hair damage due to heat and sweat is inevitable. I do not want to compromise on my passion for fear of hair damage. But I really don’t worry about damage anymore because I can take care of my passion and Dove takes care of my hair. I have been using Dove for many years and really love the intensive care that it gives my hair. ”

2. Sweaty scalp

Got a sweaty scalp problem? Dove’s the answer!

When it comes to the problem of sweaty scalp, nobody knows it better than yoga and fitness expert/blogger, Radhika Bose! But still she manages to keep her hair healthy with Dove!

“I have really long thick hair and I workout 6 days a week, hence I sweat a lot and my hair care routine is nonexistent. I leave it to Dove to work its magic and till date it has not disappointed me. Dove shampoo with its keratin Repair is why my hair looks so healthy and well nourished.”

Having donned so many hats of nutritionist, weight loss expert and entrepreneur, it’s no surprise that Nidhi Mohan Kamal doesn’t get enough time to take care of sweaty, damaged stresses. That’s why she relies on Dove for a quick fix!

“Working out is my life! Unfortunately, sweat is a major cause of damage especially with the length of my hair. I can’t quit my workout routines but I can show some care for my hair to avoid damage. Now Dove gives me the confidence of its Keratin Repair Actives for unbeatable damage repair.”

3. Colored hair

Colored hair requires extra care. From Dove!

DJ Shanaya loves to experiment with her hair! Especially with hair colors. And yet her tresses are smooth and healthy, thanks to Dove!

“I colour, heat style and not to forget travel frequently which stresses my tresses. By the end of the day I’m left with dry, dull hair. Recently I tried the @Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and conditioner duo and I was surprisingly pleased by how soft and shiny it left my hair feeling.”

Travel, fitness, and lifestyle blogger, Anupriya Kapur, loves breaking stereotypes and coloring her hair. Yet, at times she regrets neglecting her hair, until Dove came to her rescue!

“As someone who’s constantly on-the-go, I tend to ignore my hair sometimes. I always find myself complaining about paucity of time for hair care.
This had started taking a toll on my hair. A good shampoo and conditioner is a must and that’s where the new Dove nutritive solutions hair care range kicks in. Love how it takes care of my hair by taking care of all the damage that it endures.”

4. Damaged hair

Damaged hair is harder to repair. Unless you use Dove!

Stand-up comedienne, Prashasti Singh may tickle everyone’s funny bone on stage, but off stage, damaged hair was no laughing matter for her. Luckily Dove came to her rescue!

“The first time I started making money, maine saare experiments kar daale – straightening, smoothening, keratin.. anything that could hide the natural texture and waves of my hair.. but was never satisfied…thankfully I discovered Dove that makes my imperfect wild hair so easy to manage. With Dove’s simple shampoo and conditioner routine I am able to nourish my hair and make amends for all the damage I inflicted upon it when I was attempting to be a beauty queen.”

Ayushi Anand, everybody’s go-to fashion and lifestyle blogger, had a very tough time dealing with damaged hair. But then Dove saved her chemically treated hair!

“I’ve always disliked my wavy hair and I often get hair smoothening done to get straight hair. With so many chemicals put on the hair, the hair does get damaged and causes hair fall. The good thing is that I can count on Dove Nutritive Solutions to repair my damaged hair. After washing my hair with Dove, my hair feels as soft and smooth as this satin scarf.”

5. Dry hair

Say goodbye to dry hair forever with Dove!

Fitness expert and blogger, Protima Tiwary had to go through a phase of extremely dry hair. Thankfully, Dove happened and put that phase to rest!

“#FitGirlProblems- DRY HAIR! I…suffered from major dryness of hair. To combat this, all that I do is wash my hair with Dove shampoo, and make sure that I apply the conditioner. I enjoy great hair health thanks to my new constant.”

Ace dancer, Rukmini Vijayakumar had the hardest time controlling her dry, curly, frizzy tresses. Until she found Dove – the fixer of all her hair problems!

“So many of you have been asking me how I maintain my curls. I use a conditioner and brush it only when it’s wet. I don’t brush when it’s dry because that makes it frizzy. I’ve tried a lot of conditioners and the only one I consistently use is dove. This is the truth. I find that it isn’t sticky and leaves my hair with bounce.”

So what are you waiting for? You now know the solution to all your hair problems. So go give your tresses some love from Dove!

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