4 Tips For A Happy Marriage

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Marriage – a relationship where two unknown people come together to make it last for a lifetime. With dreams of mushy romances and beach-side weddings in their eyes, most young men and women enter wedlock. But once the honeymoon period subsides and reality checks in, it makes them disgruntled with their marriage. With frequent quarrels and arguments becoming the order of the day, the once happily-married couple now start questioning if their decision was right. Sounds familiar? It sure will, because most couples go through this phase at least once in their married lives. With a lot of love, maturity, and understanding, any marriage can weather such storms. Every couple has a unique way of dealing with such situations. However, here are a few common tips to help you tide over yours’:

1. Be Realistic In Your Expectations

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Of course, this doesn’t mean that romance has to be thrown out of the window. A marriage without a dash of romance can become pretty boring. However, be realistic when you start setting your expectations. Do not expect your partner to be romantic or passionate with you right at the onset of your marriage. It might be easy for some, but a lot of people take time to open up about their feelings. What you could try doing is approach your partner as a friend rather than a spouse. Once you both warm up to each other’s company, then it’ll be easier to find romance even in the smallest of things.

2. Appreciate Each Other

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Accept the fact that making a marriage work requires efforts from both the sides, especially in an arranged marriage. Both of you might have to make some compromises as and when the need arises. But beware not to compare who made the most number of compromises or sacrifices as opposed to the other. Because compromising or sacrificing things for the one you love is a virtue and not a competition. So, make sure you both appreciate each other’s efforts while keeping aside such differences. And, for sure, your efforts will never go in vain – something you’ll realize later.

3. Invest Time In Your Partner

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Yes, your partner definitely has a right on some of your time too. And a busy schedule is definitely not an excuse. Agreed, it might be difficult for both of you to balance your careers and family relationships. But with communication becoming easy day by day, it definitely does not take much of a time to message or dial up your better half for a short chat. You can also rearrange your work schedules in such a way that you get some personal time off with your spouse, like catching up on a movie or an impromptu dinner date. And what could be more romantic, and naughty, than receiving texts of sweet nothings from your spouse bang in the middle of a meeting? Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

4. Focus On Strengths, Not Weaknesses

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You might be a disciplinarian, but your partner may be easy-going. You may be a recluse, but it’s your partner’s spunky nature that you may have found attractive about him/her in the first place. However, you’ll soon start finding these very qualities to be annoying. Sometimes you might wish your partner pitches in to help you with your household chores. Or you’d want your spouse to limit his/her conversation with a snoopy neighbor, who you don’t have a good opinion about. But, if you start picking on his/her weaknesses or impose restrictions, then that’s a wrong track. Instead, have a conversation where you both try to understand things from each other’s perspective. Let the emphasis be on strengthening your bond. It may take some time, but both of you will surely find a middle path.

Marriage is a very sacred relationship. Yet, it has it’s own highs and lows too. Therefore, for a marriage to remain rock-steady, it has to be built on a strong foundation of love, mutual respect, understanding, and patience from both the people involved. And, all this only comes with time. So, be patient and keep working on your marriage. You’ll soon reap the fruits of a happy married life!

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