8 Things That Happen During Labor That Still Surprise Us Today


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Every expecting mother hopes for a picture-perfect delivery. Be it holding your partner’s hand en route to the hospital, having him around in the labor room, or looking at your baby for the first time post-delivery – doesn’t it all sound dreamy?

However, more often than not, deliveries are not all sunshine and roses. It is childbirth that we’re talking about after all! While you can expect a few crazy things to happen here and there, don’t be taken aback if you come across something entirely bizarre at that moment.

In an effort to prepare you better for the unexpected, here’s a list of mind-boggling things that can happen during labor:

1. Morning Sickness Might Accompany You In Delivery Room Too

Many expecting mothers are shocked to find themselves puking right in the middle of a delivery. As it is they are exhausted enough due to the labor pains; vomiting can leave them completely unsettled. Hormonal changes along with intense pain can cause a woman to vomit during labor. However, there is no need to feel embarrassed. The nurse in the delivery room will know exactly what to do.

2. You Might Feel Like Going To The Washroom


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By the time a soon-to-be mother is ready for delivery, she gets used to feeling like she needs to pee. That too every eight seconds! Guess what? The frequency might increase even more during the labor. Though it sounds impossible, it’s true! Especially if you’re getting IV fluids.

3. Catheter Might Be Needed

Sometimes, the contractions might be more painful than you would’ve imagined. In such an instance, you may have to ask for an epidural. However, this makes it difficult to stand up and go to the washroom. So, the need for a catheter might arise!

4. Shivers Aren’t Uncommon Either


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Don’t be surprised if you begin shaking during delivery, including an uncontrollable chattering of teeth. It doesn’t always happen but can’t be ruled out either. Though no cause has been singled out as of now, it might be the body’s way of responding to pain and stress. This is not a cause for concern but can leave one unsettled.

5. Epidural Might Not Be As Effective

An epidural anesthesia provides almost an instant relief from labor pains. However, this might not always happen. At times, it might not completely block the pain or will just relieve you of the pain only on one side of the body. There can be several reasons for it, including the catheter administered providing a partial relief.

6. A Vacuum Might Be The Need Of The Hour


No, we don’t mean the vacuum used to clean houses. There is something called a vaginal vacuum. So, in a scenario where there is a prolonged labor leading to exhaustion, a delivery assisted by vacuum might be needed. This involves a specialized vacuum to enable delivery of the child through suctioning.

7. You Might Have To Push More Than Your Expectation

It is completely normal to have a bowel movement during delivery. After all, you are being asked to push down the baby in a method similar to a bowel movement. Nevertheless, we know that it can feel pretty embarrassing. But if this happens, you should not get worked up. More or less, the experienced nurses already expect it. They’ll take care of it even before you know it!

8. Degree To Which The Lady Bits Are Exposed Might Still Come As A Surprise


We all know that the lady bits will be in clear view during labor. But the degree to which this happens will still leave you astonished. Yet another thing we will tell you not to be embarrassed about. All present in the delivery room are professionals and are entirely used to this!

Yes, a lot of things that happen during a delivery still catches people unawares. But, don’t sweat! We know you’ll do good and be incredible at it. So, if your due date is around the corner, we, at MomJunction, wish you all the best!

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