A Blind Mom Goes In For An Ultrasound - You Won't Believe What The Doctor Does Next!

If an individual doesn’t have access to all their 5 senses, it just means that their other senses are heightened. For example, even though the blind have no sight, their other senses “see” a whole lot more than the rest of us. Our hearing or sense of touch, for instance, may not be as accurate compared to someone who solely depends on the same senses.

For a blind mother, the smell of her baby, or the touching of those itty-bitty fingers is extra important for a mother to really know her newborn. Huggies understands the importance of a mother and child’s bond, which is why the diaper company helped out a blind mother who will not be able to see her baby through an ultra sound or even after birth.

This is an extremely touching and heart-warming story; so keep reading if you want to know how this mother meets her son during an ultrasound.
At the age of 30, Tatiana Guerra is 20 weeks pregnant, but has been blind from the age of 17. As any other mother, she can’t wait to hold her baby boy, although unlike other mommies, she won’t be able to see the development of her baby in the womb. Growth and development in the womb are precious moments that all mothers look forward to.

Watch this video and be amazed:

Here’s A Quick Timeline Of The Baby’s Growth In The Womb

During the first trimester, a baby starts off as a little ball of cells – a blastocyst, which has DNA that determines our genetic traits. At 6 weeks and onwards, facial features and limbs develop. At 12 weeks, mothers will be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat; something Tatiana gets to experience.

In the second trimester, at around 16 weeks, you may be able to detect the baby’s sex with an ultrasound, and at 18 weeks, Tatiana and other mothers can feel the baby kick and move around inside! During the 19th week, your baby will be able to hear sounds outside of your body. This is why parents are encouraged to talk to their baby, as it can most probably hear you.Then at 23 weeks, you will be able to SEE your baby moving simply by looking at your belly. Sadly, Tatiana missed out on this.

The third trimester is when the development is even greater because at around week 37, your baby is officially full-term and even has functional lungs. However, wait until week 40, as it’s the ideal moment for your little one to be due.

Tatiana’s Ultrasound Experience

Tatiana’s dream is to actually feel her baby in her hands, apart from feeling him move around her tummy. She wishes to take him to the beach so he can feel sand between his toes along with the sea breeze. During her ultrasound, she asked the doctor what her baby looked like. The doctor replied saying, “His nose looks like yours.” In response, Tatiana said that she imagines her son having a little potato nose, a small mouth, and chubby hands.

Little did she know, the doctor’s intention was to get a description out of Tatiana so Huggies could get to work.

What Huggies Did

Huggies organised a 3D printing mobile station that actually created a baby’s face that was imagined and described by Tatiana. Amazing, right? Before giving Tatiana the print, the doctor asked her, “If you held him, would you feel all those features you described?” After she said yes, the doctor gave her the 3D face of her son and asked if the features matched her description. In brail, there was a quote that said, “I am your son.” This could not have made Tatiana happier, as she said, “I’m happy to meetMurilo, before he’s born”

As the video says, every mom deserves to embrace each moment, and we couldn’t be happier for Tatiana’s present.

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