A Jealous Baby Can’t Stop Crying When The Parents Kiss

Haven’t we all noticed our little ones getting a tiny bit jealous every time we shower our affections on someone else? This happens quite a bit, especially when they feel that we are not paying enough attention to them. It bothers them so much so that they might even start crying. More often than not, it happens when they see us giving more attention to their siblings. But, at times, even the love and affection between the parents can trouble them. Even though we want them to stop crying, we can’t help ourselves from being enamored by their cuteness.

We, at MomJunction, share one such heartwarming story with you. This story is about a cute, little princess ‘Baby Ella’ who became a social media sensation, all thanks to her adorable tinge of envy.

Meet Baby Ella

Isn’t she just adorable? We have Baby Ella’s dad, Matt Hanneken, to thank for introducing us to this bundle of cuteness. He uploaded the video of his little princess crying with envy on YouTube. And, the video got over four million viewership in no time. It comes as no surprise, right? Of course, we are all aware that babies are endearing. And, their videos have a potential to become widely popular. But here, the secret is something else altogether. What caught everyone’s attention, perhaps, was how emotional she gets when it comes to her parents.

What Really Happened?

If you are wondering what got the little one crying, there is no need to worry. Nothing had happened to her; it is just that two people kissed. And, why does it matter? It is because these two people are Ella’s parents. And, it probably upset her that both of them decided to kiss without including her. It made her so sad that she burst into tears. However, what was interesting was that Ella forgot all about the tears as soon as both of them kissed her. But then, she started crying all over again the moment they kissed each other for the second time.

Roller Coaster Of Emotions

Baby Ella’s reactions were so adorable that her parents decided to repeat the act almost three times. And, what was fascinating was how her reaction varied a little each time. When the couple kissed for the first time, Ella was initially a little confused and it took a while for her to realize what was actually going on. It was only when she understood that she began crying. The second time around, the whining seemed more like a reminder about who the important one was. And, then the third time around, she just burst into tears.

Attention, Please!

The video was uploaded along with a caption which mentioned how the little girl became sad when she saw her parents sharing a kiss with each other in front of her. It even said how she was jealous for sure!

And, this is most probably the truth itself. When kids are of this age, they need as much attention as they can get. After all, they deserve it too. And, at times, this also comes at the cost of you not spending time with anyone else. And, showering your love on someone else is entirely out of the question. At least, till the time they are around. Also, don’t think your husband is an exception to this rule. If anything, this might make your tiny angels even more jealous!

In the last couple of years, we have come across a number of such popular videos, all thanks to these adorable kids! Have you come across any such video with adorable babies? Which one is your most favorite? Let us know in the comments section below! Till then, you can watch the full video here:

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