A List Of Baby Names Meaning Secret Or Mystery

Naming your child comes as one of the biggest tasks for new parents. Names have the power to add personality to a person. Most parents start looking for unique names for their children from the moment they find out about their pregnancy. Since a name is something a child will carry with them for the rest of their lives, parents ought to be careful with what they name their children. Giving a child a beautiful name that has meaning can be one of the best first gifts a parent can give their newborn. Names that have mysterious connotations to them sound pretty intriguing and have deep meanings. If you are on the lookout for names that are interesting and imaginative with a dash of mystery, read on to find out your best choices.

Girls’ Names Meaning Secret Or Mystery

Girls’ Names Meaning Secret

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Naming your girl-child with a name that has shrouds of mystery surrounding it will add an enigma to her personality. Here are a few names that will help you to make a choice.


The name Bian is of Vietnamese origin. It’ translates to ‘secretive.’


This one has a Greek origin and means ‘with healing power.’


This German-originated name means ‘the secret of mystical powers.’


This name is another Greek addition to the list. It means ‘star.’


This name originates from Greek mythology. As per the legends, Circe is the Goddess of magic and she lives on Aeaea island. She is the daughter of Helio.


Originating from the Greek Kalypso, this name means, ‘to conceal.’


This name has a Norwegian origin and it means ‘secret lore.’


The English name, Cebba means ‘sensitive, logical, practical and secretive.’


A rather popular name, this one, originating from Latin, means ‘divine.’

10. Damira

With an Arabic origin, Damira means ‘long live the world,’

11. Godleva

This beautiful and alluring name translates to ‘secretive love of God’ in the English language.

12. Gizem

With a Turkish origin, the name means ‘mystery.’

13. Elanor

Coming from a Sindarin background, the name means ‘sun star.’

14. Goderun

In English, this name means ‘the secretive love of God.’

15. Hulta

The name has its origin in Scandinavia and this one is its Finnish form. It means ‘obscure, secret, and hidden.’

16. Kendra

Originating from English, this one means ‘magical.’

17. Liraz

Coming from Hebrew, this name means ‘my secret.’

18. Lilith

With an Akkadian origin, the name means ‘of the night.’

19. Nedra

Coming from America, this one means ‘underground.’

20. Najwa

In Arabic, this name means ‘whisper’ or ‘secret.’

Boys’ Names Meaning Secret Or Mystery

Having a name that holds secret meanings will definitely enhance your baby boy’s social life. Here are some names to consider.

Boys’ Names Meaning Secret

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1. Burvis

With a Latvian origin, the name means ‘wizard.’

2. Barnabas

Originating from Aramatic, this one means ‘son of consolation.’

3. Cyfrin

Coming from the Welsh, this one means ‘mystic.’

4. Cabal

This name has its origin in the Jewish, Hebrew community. It means ‘small and secret group of people.’

5. Gandalf

Coming from Old Norse mythology, the name refers to the wise and mystical sorcerer.

6. Ebull

In the English language, the name means ‘someone like a bull’ and ‘a secretive person.’

7. Guhya

With an Indian origin, this name means ‘hidden, mystical, and concealed.’

8. Galdur

The name has Icelandic origin and it means ‘magic.’

9. Dante

This Latin origin name means ‘magician.’

10. Hermes

Coming from Greek, this one means ‘messenger of God.’

11. Hisoki

Coming from Japan, this name means ‘reserved and secretive.’

12. Gwydion

This Welsh name translates to ‘God of enchantment.’

13. Ichtaka

This name has an Aztec origin and translates to ‘secret.’

14. Gushvin

Having an Indian origin, the one means ‘secret.’

15. Isoba

Originating from an African language, this name means ‘walks slowly.’

16. Imenand

With an Egyptian origin, the meaning of this name is ‘the hidden one.’

17. Lochesh

With a background in Hebrew, this one means ‘whisper.’

18. Juke

With an Australian origin, this name means ‘secret keeper.’

19. Keme

With a Gaelic origin, this one means ‘little dark.’

20. Olen

With a Norse background, this one means ‘relic.’

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Secret Or Mystery

If you would like to give your child a gender-neutral name that is mysterious and has deep meaning, here are some names to consider.

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Secret

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1. Darnall

In English, this name means ‘hidden nook.’

2. August

With a Latin origin, this one means ‘distinguished and majestic.’

3. Jackie

With a mixed origin of American and Hebrew, this one means ‘son of God.’

4. Guirec

The name has old English origins and means ‘reliable, passionate, and secretive.’

5. Blake

With an English origin, this one means ‘attractive.’

Having meaningful names with their origins in different languages definitely helps one to leave a lasting impression on others’ minds. You can select any name from this list and be sure that your kid will love the name when they grow up. Do you have any more names that you would like to add here? Let us know in the comments section!

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