A List Of Gender-Neutral Baby Names For New Parents

Despite the saying ‘what’s in a name,’ we know that there’s everything in a name. The first thing we know about a person is generally their name and there’s no denying that a good name can make lasting impressions. Your child will be known by the name you will be giving them. It is therefore the responsibility of the parents to name their children carefully. Gender-neutral names have always been a popular choice among many. However, like every other thing, gender-neutral names have also seen a change in the trends. Read on to know some of the best gender-neutral names that you can give your child that would add a dash of personality to their persona.

Celebrity-Inspired Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Celebrity Inspired Gender Neutral Baby Names

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A lot of parents like to name their children after their favorite celebrities. Here are a few gender-neutral names inspired by celebrities.

1. Taylor

While this name is a wildly popular and conventional choice, no one can deny the magic of the name. Whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or a fan of James Taylor, the name will work like a charm regardless of the age of your kid.

2. Maxwell

While this one was a more popular choice as a boy’s name, it gained popularity as a gender-neutral one after Jessica Simpson named her first-born daughter Maxwell.

3. Riley

With British and Irish roots, Riley means ‘wood clearing.’ A steady favorite among parents throughout the years, this one has regained popularity with actor Riley Keough of ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ fame.

4. Atlas

This name is a perfect choice for parents who have a penchant for traveling. Referring to the mythological figure who held the world on his shoulders, the name has got a celebrity connection too. In 2019, Shay Mitchell, an actor, named her daughter the same.

5. Rory

The beautiful gender-neutral name, Rory, has Irish roots. Parents familiar with ‘Gilmore Girls’ might also choose this name as a homage to Rory Gilmore.

Nature-Inspired Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Nature Inspired Gender Neutral Baby Names 

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Parents who love nature would definitely want their children to have names with a nature-inspired ring to it. Here are a few names to help them out.

1. Hollis

A British name, Hollis will work fine for any gender. The name has a certain aura to it and conjures visions of festivities and holidays while making a strong statement.

2. River

The name River has a soothing vibe to it and would work well for any gender. The water-inspired name is currently trending and has been quite popular among parents for a while.

3. Sage

Sage has an earthy vibe to it and the name itself is calming. With its roots in Latin, the name means ‘wise.’ With this name, your child will definitely bring a likable vibe to any place.

4. August

August is invariably associated with beautiful sunsets and lazy summer noons. A perfectly gender-neutral name, August will work well for your child throughout their life.

Trendy And Timeless Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Trendy And Timeless Gender-Neutral Baby Names

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Here are some more gender-neutral names that have remained parents’ favorites for a while now.

1. Dylan

Meaning ‘son of the sea’, Dylan is a name that has stood the test of time. With its obvious celebrity connection, the name fits a child perfectly regardless of their gender.

2. Flynn

A classic Irish name, Flyyn brings a sort of easy-going vibe with it. It’s trendy and cool and would definitely add a certain kind of personality to your child.

3. Cameron

Already a favorite, the recent ‘White Lotus’ connection has made this name even trendier. It fits well with any gender and has a classy vibe to it.

4. Quinn

Belonging to Irish origin, Quinn means ‘wise’. If you are a family of people who like to read, this is a really good choice. With a contemplative vibe, the name will have an effect of its own.

5. Jules

A short and beautiful name, this one would particularly appeal to ‘Euphoria’ fans. You can either use it as a nickname for Jullian or Julie or simply name your child Jules. Either way, it works fine.

6. Alex

Another sweet and short name, this one can be short for Alexander or Alexis or Alexandra. No matter what it is, it would fit your child well, irrespective of their gender.

Naming a child may feel like a daunting task and a lot of options might make you feel confused. Since stressing yourself out will not help in the process, the best thing to do is to sit and think for a while and list out your preferences. This list here, with its compilation of trendy, nature-inspired, and celebrity-inspired names, is to make your choices easier. However, the list is not exhaustive, and of course, you can add your own. Do you think you can add any more to this list? Let us know in the comment section!

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