A List Of Hawaiian Names For Your Beautiful Baby

When it comes to naming your child, you naturally want a name that is not only meaningful, but also unique. Why not draw inspiration from the beautiful and enchanting Hawaiian culture? Hawaiian names are not just about sounds, they are steeped in tradition, history, and the lush tropical landscape of the islands. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through popular, traditional, and unique Hawaiian names for boys and girls, as well as explore Hawaiian nicknames, middle names, and even last names. So, get ready to embark on a tropical naming adventure! Read on!

Popular Hawaiian Boy Names

Popular Hawaiian Boy Names

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  1. Kai

Meaning ocean, Kai captures the essence of Hawaii’s stunning coastline.

  1. Liam

A Hawaiian twist on the classic name William, it signifies strong-willed warrior.

  1. Noah

This name translates to rest or comfort, radiating a sense of peace.

  1. Hake

This unique sounding name translates to fish.

  1. Keanu

Made famous by actor Keanu Reeves, it means cool breeze over the mountains.

  1. Akoni

A Hawaiian version of Anthony, it symbolizes priceless or of inestimable worth.

Traditional Hawaiian Boy Names

Traditional Hawaiian Boy Names

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  1. Kamehameha

Honoring King Kamehameha, this name represents the lonely one.

  1. Keoni

A traditional Hawaiian form of John, Keoni means God is gracious.

  1. Kawika

Derived from David, Kawika translates to beloved.

  1. Kawailani

This unique name signifies heavenly water, reflecting the islands’ natural beauty.

  1. Kalani

Meaning the heavens or chief, the name Kalani carries a noble legacy.

  1. Nakoa

Reflecting a warrior or brave one, the name Nakoa is a strong and courageous choice for your little one.

Unique Hawaiian Boy Names

Unique Hawaiian Boy Names

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  1. Lono

This name is associated with the Hawaiian god of peace and agriculture.

  1. Nalu

Meaning wave or surf, Nalu captures the spirit of the ocean.

  1. Manu

Reflecting bird or birdlike, the name Manu has a light and airy feel.

  1. Liko

A unique choice, Liko means bud or sprout, symbolizing growth and potential.

  1. Keani

A melodious name, Keani means the breeze, evoking the gentle winds of Hawaii.

  1. Keahi

This name captures the essence of fire or flames, representing passion and energy.

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

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  1. Leilani

One of the most popular Hawaiian names, it means heavenly flowers, perfect for a little girl as beautiful as the blossoms.

  1. Malina

Signifying peaceful or calm, Malina is a serene choice.

  1. Aloha

An iconic Hawaiian word, Aloha embodies love, affection, and hello.

  1. Lani

Meaning sky or heaven, Lani is a celestial name.

  1. Kailani

This name translates to sea and sky, capturing the essence of Hawaii’s beauty.

  1. Halia

This name translates to remembrance or memory.

Traditional Hawaiian Girl Names

Traditional Hawaiian Girl Names

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  1. Kaikamahine

A traditional name meaning daughter or girl.

  1. Moana

This name means ocean and is a tribute to the vast Pacific surrounding Hawaii.

  1. Kapuaokalani

Signifying the heavenly flower, it’s a name of great beauty.

  1. Lokelani

Inspired by the native Hawaiian flower, Lehua, Lokelani means heavenly rose.

  1. Maile

A name representing the native Hawaiian vine, Maile is both natural and timeless.

  1. Kalani

As with boys, Kalani represents the heavens or chief.

Unique Hawaiian Girl Names

Unique Hawaiian Girl Names

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  1. Kaiulani

This unique name translates to the royal sacred one, perfect for a little girl destined for greatness.

  1. Hokulani

Meaning heavenly star, Hokulani is a name that sparkles.

  1. Kiele

A name inspired by the fragrant gardenia flower, it symbolizes elegance.

  1. Onaona

Signifying sweet fragrance, Onaona is a delightful choice.

Hawaiian Nicknames

Hawaiian Nicknames

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  1. Keiki

Meaning child or baby, Keiki is a sweet and endearing nickname.

  1. Nani

Translating to beautiful or pretty, Nani is a lovely choice.

  1. Koa

Reflecting warrior or strong, Koa is a nickname that signifies strength.

  1. Lani

Just like in the girl names, Lani can also be a charming nickname for boys.

  1. Maka

A cute nickname that means eyes, perfect for a child with expressive eyes.

Hawaiian Middle Names

Hawaiian Middle Names

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  1. Kahale  

Meaning house or home, Kahale brings a sense of comfort and belonging.

  1. Kealoha

Translating to love, Kealoha is a heartfelt middle name that celebrates affection.

  1. Lokahi

A middle name that represents unity or harmony, emphasizing the importance of togetherness.

  1. Kapena

Signifying a captain or leader, Kapena adds a touch of authority and leadership.

  1. Makani

This middle name means wind or breeze, invoking a sense of freedom and movement.

Hawaiian Last Names

Hawaiian Last Names

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  1. Kapua

Meaning flower or blossom, Kapua is a beautiful and nature-inspired last name.

  1. Kai

Reflecting the ocean, Kai is a serene and water-themed choice.

  1. Ahi

Signifying fire or flame, Ahi adds a touch of passion and energy.

  1. Kamali’i  

Translating to children or youth, Kamali’i celebrates the young ones in your family.

  1. Ohana

A last name that signifies family or kin, emphasizing the importance of family bonds.

Giving your child a Hawaiin name not only connects them to a rich and vibrant culture but also infuses their life with the beauty and spirit of the islands. Whether you choose a popular, traditional, or unique name, you can be sure that your child’s Hawaiian-inspired name will carry the warmth and charm of the tropical paradise that is Hawaii. So, as you embark on this exciting naming journey, may the aloha spirit guide your way, and may your child’s name be as unique and beautiful as the Hawaiian islands themselves. Aloha!

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