Artwork Or Photography? These Adorable Baby Photos Are A Mix Of Both

When it comes to masterpiece photography, what better a model would you get than tiny babies! This is what Lindsay Walden, a Texas based photographer and a mother of three, has done through her collection called The Newborn Photography Masterpiece Collection. She has used some amazing background inspired by art history’s most known paintings with gorgeous little babies as models. And the result is a spectacle worth a museum.

What gave her the idea was a walk through a Gustave Caillebotte exhibit at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. She has incorporated aspects of art classics such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night, using natural fibers that are hand-dyed and amalgamating the tiny babies into the original patterns. She has also used Claude Monet’s Water Lilies and Edvard Much’s classic The Scream for her photographs.

Interestingly, Walden’s clients could not get into the theme at once. But it was her photographer mom’s friends who understood the concept and were willing to give their kids as her models. The portraits did have their experiments. But the outcome is stunning. Here are some of the images:

You can see more of Walden’s work at

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