Adorable Twin Babies Having A Conversation In Fluent Baby Language Is Melting Millions Of Hearts!

A baby’s smile can light up anybody’s mood and warm someone’s heart! It is like a sunshine bang in the middle of a dull day. And this phenomenon (as we like to call it) is not restricted only to parents or near and dear ones of a baby. Even random people are not immune to the charms of a baby’s innocence and unconditional display of love. No wonder then that a lot of people on social media sit up and take notice when anything related to babies comes across. As a matter of fact, there is quite a lot of fan-following that these tiny tots garner on the internet – be it for their luscious hair, cute smiles, or adorable conversations.

We all know that reaching certain milestones after birth is common to all babies. Despite this, every baby has a unique and cute way of achieving these milestones. And the way they go about their daily lives, growing up each day at a time, makes for some memorable moments. Especially for their parents who do not wish to miss a single opportunity to witness these milestones. A case in point are the proud parents of twins, Merle and Stijn.

Babies, as it is, are a bundle of joy, but having two of them is an added bonus. Something that the parents of Merle and Stijn, a boy and a girl, completely agree to. The happy parents go about clicking their little babies in every mode – when they are playing, sleeping, or laughing around. On one such occasion, their father saw them playing together. At least that was what he thought in the beginning. So, he took out his camera and began recording their ‘playtime’. However, he was pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually engaging in a conversation. Of course, it is difficult to comprehend what they are saying in the video. But it did seem like the little bro was asking his sis about how her day was. And the effort that the sister makes to respond is clearly visible. In fact, going by the exchange of their babble in the video, it looks like a full-fledged conversation. Each time one of them ‘goo-ed’ or said ‘gaga’, the other one responded in a similar fashion. Like a secret language of some sorts! Isn’t that simply adorable? There are a few moments in the video where the father himself couldn’t stop chuckling at this cute exchange!

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When we generally talk about siblings or twins, sibling rivalries come to our minds. As siblings grow, with time, a sense of competition sets in. This especially gets intense when they start seeking more attention from either or both the parents. Parents too, at times, end up favoring one over the other or forming their own favorites. However, on the positive side, when a baby is born with his/her twin, they get a friend for a lifetime. Of course, it also means some amount of struggle to carve out a separate identity for oneself. But that does not take away from the fact that there was a time when they were both connected by the same cord, inside their mother’s womb. And this bonding goes way beyond birth. This itself makes their relationship rather special. Something that every twin-sibling would vouch for.

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It is small wonder then that these little munchkins are giving serious sibling relationship goals to everyone. Although these little ones are still developing their language and cognitive skills, it is quite amazing how they are learning to respond to each other so quickly. And people simply cannot stop raving about this heartwarming bond between them.

We, at MomJunction, wish that this bond between twins Merle and Stijn continues to grow with them and becomes stronger with the passage of time. Watch the video of their conversation below. And make sure you turn up the volume so you do not miss out on any of their sweet exchange. It is sure to melt your heart too!

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