5 Adorable Ways To Photograph Your Newborn

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One day he’s giving out spit bubbles and before you could live it properly, he’s off to college- babies grow up faster than you think. If you’re a parent or you’re going to be one soon, you’d know the excitement of bringing your newborn baby home. You want time to stop for a while so that you can live all the beautiful moments you have with your baby to the fullest. Unfortunately, time’s a bitch and this is why we have photographs!

Not everyone can afford a professional photographer for maternity shoots and baby shoots. You would want your baby’s pictures to be clicked when he/she starts walking for the first time, starts talking for the first time, and starts eating solid food for the first time. You cannot really ring your photographer because there are too many moments that are going to come- even though all of them are equally valuable. But no worries because you can become a good photographer yourself and click your baby’s pictures whenever you want to. You just need some basic training and a good camera. Our list of 5 adorable ways to photograph your newborn is definitely going to help you get started:

1) The Precious Moments

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Never miss out on a precious moment! Always charge the battery of your camera to the fullest and make sure you have enough space in the memory card. Your baby might just roll over in the next few days and you don’t want to miss the moment! These pictures are going to be the most valuable treasures of yours as well as your child’s life.

2) The 50-50 Balance

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When you click your baby’s photographs, try to maintain a 50-50 balance between candid and posed ones. Both of them are going to be amazing for sure. You can dress up your baby and make her pose in adorable ways and also capture the sweetest expressions that you never knew your baby had.

3) Learn How To Photoshop

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No matter how good a photograph is, a little bit of editing and color correction is a must. Also, you can get really creative with photoshop and draw a bit over the real photograph to make it look funny. You can try drawing over your baby’s picture to turn him/her into a pirate, mermaid, astronaut, teddy bear, and so much more.

4) Close-Ups And Monochromes

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Babies are really tiny- of course, you know that. But if you want to click memorable photographs of your little one, you need to get closer shots. Try focusing on their tiny feet, tiny little fingers, and the cutest face. Don’t make your baby look like a dot in a wide-angled photograph. Monochromes are deep and beautiful too. It need not be always colorful because the photograph is of a baby. The bond between family and the baby can be excellently portrayed in monochrome pictures.

5) Family Members And Pets

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Make sure that your little munchkin gets a picture with all your close family members. Mother, father, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and pets too! Get a picture of the baby interacting with all of these important people. Remember that you’re making precious memories here. Once they grow up, your child will be surprised to see that he/she is so loved, right from the beginning of life. Your child may not remember the first pet that you had, so make sure you get a lot of pictures of your baby with your pet.

You don’t really need an expensive DSLR camera with fancy lenses to click your baby’s photographs. You can use your mobile camera if the clarity is decent and click a lot of pictures as well as videos. Make sure to upload them on an online account as and when you click them because you wouldn’t want to lose these pictures no matter what happens. We would love to know your tips and tricks for baby photo shoots at home. Feel free to comment in the section below.

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