6 Advantages For Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs

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Mark Twain believed dogs to be gentlemen and wished he could go to dog’s heaven rather than man’s when he died. What makes them so special? They love us more than we love ourselves, they are always by our side through thick and thin, and they give us constant companionship. They are cute, cuddly and oh-so-lovable. They truly are our best friend for life.

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Do you remember pleading to your mom or dad to get a puppy when you were a kid? Now even your kids might be begging you to get them one. But why do we hesitate to get them? You might have said no to their request telling them how big a responsibility a puppy can be. And you don’t have the time or energy for that. But growing up with dogs has more advantages than what meets the eye.

1. Keep Them Calm


Kids of a young age can be aggressive and stubborn. We may not be able to control them at times. Did you know that having a canine companion can reduce these aggressive traits in kids (1)?

2. Relieve Stress


Not just that, they are also known to calm our nerves and reduce stress. Adults and kids alike can be under stress due to various reasons. Too much of homework, a change in environment or unstable home- there are many factors contributing to stress in children. Having a dog at home can help relieve stress (2). Studies show that interacting with dogs can help reduce anxiety and fear as well.

3. Gets Them Out


Dogs need some outside air. They need walks and playtime outside the four walls of your house. If they don’t get it, they will let you know by barking or breaking something. So having a dog can help your kids get some fresh air too. Going for a walk in the park or playing on the trampoline in the backyard is better being glued to the TV or mobile phones, don’t you think? And you can feel safe leaving them with your kids as they are loyal companions. So having a dog in your home can help fight childhood obesity and become fit.

4. Dogs Mean Fewer Allergies For Kids


We usually tend to keep our babies miles away from dogs fearing they might catch an allergy. But as it turns out, the opposite seems to be true. A study conducted by the UW Department of Pediatrics found that children who were exposed to dogs very early in their life- around the time of birth -had fewer allergies than kids without exposure to dogs. Having a dog at your home can help in developing a robust immune system of your baby. Babies being exposed to a dog right after birth are at low risk of developing respiratory problems or asthma (3).

5. An Early Lesson On Responsibility


You cannot just get a dog and leave it at that. They need to be fed, walked, vaccinated, and washed. They also need lots of love and attention. They also need to be potty trained and taken outside morning and evening. You need to care for them as you care for a baby. Giving a few of these tasks to the kids like walking them outside or feeding them can instill a sense of responsibility at a very young age. Giving them even a small task to do every day will engrave in them the value of being responsible.

6. A Friend For Life


Childhood can be a confusing and challenging time for kids. Making new friends, fitting in at high school, academic pressure and several others. Having a pet dog by their side will help them find comfort in any curveball that life throws at them. And unlike humans, a pet is never going to leave you or hurt you. So having a pet as your friend is a safe bet because you can always rely on them for comfort and companionship.

Not just for your kids, having a dog can be beneficial to you as well. Don’t you wish you want one now? Instead of buying a dog, you also have the option to adopt a dog from any dog shelter and give them a cozy home. Did our post convince you to get a puppy for yourself or your kid? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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