After Reading This, I Want To Grow Up With My Siblings Again

After Reading This, I Want To Grow Up With My Siblings Again

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Having a sibling or two can be as much fun as it can be challenging. One minute you are at each other’s throats and in the next, you are chummy and tight knit. So what make this relationship so topsy-turvy?

I asked my mom how did it feel to raise three girls and she was quick to remark – ‘It felt like hell broke loose! There was always something going on:

She broke my glasses
She won’t give back my dress
She hid my nail paint
She told my friend I was a B#@*H’

But there wasn’t always a storm brewing. There were moments of TLC too, as a matter of fact, lots of it! Looking back now, I can’t imagine growing up without my older sisters. My life would have been less fun without them. When you have siblings you learn to


Sharing is caring, though, at first, you might flatly refuse to do it. If you have an older sibling, you are likely to have your eye on most of his/her things. Whatever they have will always fascinate you more and you will throw a tantrum till you get it. And they, in turn, may find you shallow and needy. Running to mum and dad may result in ‘time-out’ for both, so your sibling will hand you her favorite toy, but, you are likely to lose round 2!


Well, not on everything! But, you learn to take the middle road and most importantly you learn to agree to disagree. So you may think your sister looks fat in her new jeans and after being told to shut the hell up, you are likely to edit your thoughts before you speak out. Play it safe by saying ‘you look fa-ncy!’


There can be no better companion than your sibling to indulge in some nit-picking! Bitching and sharing inside jokes with your sibling can be lots of fun especially when no one else knows what is passing between you two. Every glance means something and you guys are likely to share a lot of information without even moving your lips ;-)

Toughen Up

Your sibling will make sure that you are ready to take on some hard punches before you venture out of your cocoon. They will be the first to pull your hair, stick something up your nose, twist your limbs and shove you against a wall – like’s it’s all part of military training, when they are just pulling your leg, literally, for their past time.

Lie For Each Other

First crushes, love and heartbreaks! You are more likely to ‘fess up to your sibling about these than to a parent. They, in turn, will see you get through it all. And you would be willing to do the same for them. So, if your sibling comes home late after a date, you are more likely to cover for her shenanigans because you know the favor will be returned someday.

Dangle The Stick

So last week your sister was supposed to take you for your dance lessons but instead ditched you at the last minute! Now she needs you to pick up her dress at the drycleaners. Well you’ve got a big thing coming sistah! Innocently outing her to your parents seems the way to set things right and you feel even the cunning Lex Luthor couldn’t have done it better. But instead you proposition and ask for something that fancies you, leaving her no room to refuse! Ah, sweet revenge ;-)

Give Each Other Space

As you grow older, you may drift apart. You expand your life to include friends, coworkers and boyfriend who might now take up more of your time. But, you know deep down, your sibling is always there for you and is only a shout away. Your 2am buddy and your agony aunt – your sibling fulfills these roles to perfection!

If it wasn’t for them, you would probably have not got that bloody nose but you wouldn’t have all those sweet little hugs, kisses, get well soon cards and special treats either! So kudos to sibling revelry!

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