6 Amazing Life Hacks For New Parents

Amazing Life Hacks For New Parents

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If your baby has arrived in the world, many many congratulations to you! With parenting, however, comes immense responsibility. After all, a tiny new person now entirely depends on you and that can be a tough place to be in. Despite all the pregnancy research, there will still be several things that you might not have figured out completely. Though we cannot do the work for you, we can help you make this just a tiny bit easier. Here, we bring you some incredible hacks, which will just blow your mind:

1. White Noise Comes To The Rescue

White Noise Comes To The Rescue

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Does your little one face some trouble while sleeping? Does even a little bit of noise disturb your baby’s sleep? Don’t you worry, just utilize white noise to your advantage. You can use either table fan or ceiling fan just to produce enough amount of noise needed to calm down the baby. In fact, there are even applications available now, which can help by producing some static white noise.

2. A Warm Crib Mattress

A Warm Crib Mattress

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Babies love to fall asleep in their mom’s arms. We are sure that even your little one does so. And, when you put your little one into the crib, he/she may wake up due to the cold blanket or mattress. What you can do is place a heating pad on the crib. And, remove it just before putting your baby to sleep. You will have a cozy and comfy bed ready for him/her.

3. A Bib For Your Baby

A Bib For Your Baby

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All you need is an adhesive hook attached to the back portion of your baby’s seat. Now, just hang your baby’s bibs on that hook. How will this help? Now, when you are placing your little one on the highchair for his/her meal, you don’t have to go looking for the bib. The bib will be right there, waiting to get to work. Aha! Don’t worry, no need to thank us!

4. The Flap On The Onesies

The Flap On The Onesies

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Onesies will be your most favorite thing in the world. You will always love to dress up your baby in the onesies since they can’t be taken off that easily. And also, you can effortlessly change your little one’s diapers. But, have you noticed the flap present on the onesies? There is a reason why they are present. With the help of these flaps, you can easily stretch the neck hole enough to pull it out from below rather than above. This hack is pretty useful in case there is a ‘poop explosion’ scenario (you know what we are talking about).

5. Other Uses Of Duct Tape

Other Uses Of Duct Tape

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Do you have to travel with your newborn quite often? If yes, then you might want to add one more item to your luggage. Much to your surprise, we are talking about duct tapes here. Why is that, you ask? This is because there may be electric sockets present in hotels or other new places that are easily accessible to the little one. Just cover these sockets with the duct tape and you won’t have to worry about any accidents.

6. Bid Goodbye To Gas

Bid Goodbye To Gas

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If you feel that your little one is gassy, just do this simple thing. Rest your infant on the mattress on his/her back and move his/her legs in a bicycle motion. This will help put a little pressure on your baby’s tummy, releasing the gas from the body. And, congratulations, now your little one won’t feel uneasy anymore.

Once you become a new mom, there are too many things to take care of. And, if you are able to find a hack to make a few things easier, go for it. After all, you deserve all the help you can get. Also, if you can think of some hack that can help out the fellow new moms, please share it in the comments section below. Good luck!

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