I have been using diapers for my princess since her birth. While I have used several brands, I have trusted only Pampers. The wetness absorption power of Pampers is unquestionable and no other brand can match this specific feature. Recently, I heard about the launch of new Pampers Premium Care Pants. This new Pampers Premium Care Pants is supposed to be the softest Pampers ever and the best for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Despite being a happy buyer of my current product, neither have I preferred using diapers for prolonged hours nor do I suggest this to anyone else. As I am apprehensive that it can lead to a diaper rash or any other type of skin irritation. Therefore, I was very curious to know how a diaper pant can be so soft that they claim themselves to be good and protective for a baby’s soft and sensitive skin.

Hence, after using the new Pamper Premium Care Pants on my daughter for over a week, I am writing this product review. I am reviewing this diaper pants on the basis of the following points:

Softness – The new Pampers Premium Care Pants are being advertised as the ‘Softest Pampers Ever’. Therefore, to check this, I touched the diaper. And I found it to be soft to touch, like a cloth nappy. Even the belt is soft and stretchable, thus, leaves no red marks on my kid’s waistline and thighs. My baby felt happy and comfortable too.

Breathability – Have a look at the following image carefully.

You can see something called ‘Air Channels’. These air channels allow air to pass between baby’s skin and the diaper.

Absorption – My daughter usually wears diaper pant at night, ensuring a good night’s sleep. And this diaper works so well throughout the night. The wetness doesn’t get collected as a lump. Instead, it gets equally distributed. Moreover, the best feature is its ‘Wetness Indicator’. This particular indicator turns yellow to blue, giving me a signal to change the diaper.

Lotion With Aloe Vera – The new Pampers Premium Care Pants have lotion with Aloe Vera content. As we all know, Aloe Vera is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. And, is also soothing to the skin, hence, its presence in the diaper pant makes it safe for the baby’s gentle and soft skin.

The presence of Aloe Vera lotion is evident from the beautiful fragrance emitted from the diaper pants.

Disposability – This is another BLOCKBUSTER feature of the new Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pants. These diaper pants come along with a disposable tape that lets you throw the diaper easily. There is no need to search for a bag, avoiding a scenario where the diaper opens up and starts smelling bad. To be true, I am loving this feature as the diaper tape holds the diaper together firmly and makes it easy to throw in a dustbin.

Price – Yes, the price is on the higher side. Previously, for medium size, I was paying nearly Rs 700 at Amazon for 76 diapers. Whereas, now the same amount is being charged for 54 diapers. However, these diapers are absolutely worth it. They are just FANTASTIC for this price. These diapers give the protection from skin rashes and irritation which is so good! Therefore, I won’t rate these diapers to be an expensive purchase.


Lastly, to conclude, I must say that Pampers has launched a SUPER-COOL product to keep all Mommies SUPER-COOL from their worries. I am impressed and happy with this product and definitely recommend it to others.

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