Are You Washing Your Clothes The Wrong Way? Here’s What You Need To Check

Laundry is such a tedious and bland everyday task that it’s almost impossible to care about how you’re doing it. More so when you have 2 kids fighting over who gets to have the leftover ice cream from last night! The best you can do is just toss all those dirty clothes into the machine, select the hot water cycle, put some detergent, and wait for the machine to beep.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Your clothes come out clean after all.

But then, why have you thrown out so many of you and your family’s clothes in the past year? Including some of your all-time favorites if you were doing everything right? They weren’t even old enough yet!

You already probably know somewhere that it was a classic case of premature aging for your clothes. And the reason why the shelf life of your clothes was reduced is because you weren’t washing them right.

Just like everything else, there’s a proper way to washing your clothes so that they can last longer and keep you looking like the fashionable mom you always are!

To ensure that you wash your clothes the right way every time, here’s a checklist to help you out:

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1. The Temperature

The Temperature

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The hot water cycle is not the best for all of your garments! The fabric of the clothes is a major deciding factor for the temperature you should select. For example, polyester clothes need to be washed on a low-temperature setting or you’ll end up with plenty of creases. If you find it confusing to switch temperatures every time, you should try out Bosch Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine. With easy to use controls, you won’t face any trouble.

2. The Color Of The Clothes

The Color Of The Clothes

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White and colored clothes have to be separated is something you already know. But did you know that you had to separate your new clothes too? Based on their color, it’s best to wash them with similar colors only as it prevents the color from running and helps your favorites retain their newness for much longer. Plus if you use Bosch’s machines, its Advanced German Technology will ensure your clothes as remain as good as new wash after wash!

3. The State In Which You Wash Them

The State In Which You Wash Them

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This basically means whether you wash them ‘inside out’ or ‘outside in.’ Although outside in is the general rule to get the stains out, inside out is the way to go if you don’t want thread bobbles on your precious clothes.

4. The Detergent You Use

The Detergent You Use

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Did you know that you have to use a different detergent for different types of clothes? A “one detergent suits all” approach is the reason why so many of your clothes end up in the reject pile way before they should. Liquid detergents work well for colored clothes, while biological powders are meant for whites. Woolens should be washed in detergents specifically designed for them.

5. The Washing Machine You Use

The Washing Machine You Use

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Not every washing machine has been designed the same way. And certain washing machines can even bring about the wear and tear of your clothes faster than it should happen. To prevent that, you need to purchase the right washing machine. Our recommendation is the Bosch Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine with Power Wave Wash System. It cleans your clothes gently and barely makes any noise, making it the perfect investment for a smart mom!

6. The Cleanliness Of Your Washing Machine

The Cleanliness Of Your Washing Machine

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Purchasing the best washing machine (we totally recommend Bosch!) is not enough. You have to take care of it as well ensure that it remains efficient for a longer time. You should ideally clean your washing machine every 3 months. To clean it, run an empty cycle on the hottest temperature and add the recommended scoops of a decalcifying agent to it.

The goal is to keep both your washing machine and your clothes as good as new for as long as possible. So get yourself a smart Bosch washing machine and adopt the right way to wash your clothes and you’ll be able to flaunt your fashion favorites for years to come!

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