10 Babies That Look Like Old People

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Imagine a baby in your head. Done? We are guessing that you might be picturing a baby from one of the diaper ads right now. But, of course, that image in our head is an idealistic one, isn’t it? If you have spent time with infants in real life, you would know that they can be hairy, wrinkly, and at times, even acne-riddled. In fact, some babies even have the look that makes you feel that they might have lived a few decades already in this incredible world of ours. While it might baffle you to look at a tiny person who seems to be in the late 60s, you have to agree that it is also pretty hilarious and adorable. Here, have a look at some of these babies who appear to be way too old and serious for their age:

1. Too Young For Hair Fall? Nah!

Source: Reddit

Hairline receding is an issue that is reserved for the oldies, isn’t it? But, kids can go through a bad spell too. So, what do you do in such a situation? Rock the baldie look, of course! Much like this rockstar here!

2. Disappointed In You, Kid

Source: Reddit

This “disappointed in you” look from your old man would have given you chills throughout your childhood. So, as soon as you grow up, you are relieved as the frequency does down. But, history repeats itself when your kid gives you the exact same look. And, the feeling of guilt is even worse!

3. Winter Is Coming!

Source: Imgur

This kid is surely not happy to arrive into the world in this cold weather. And, the displeasure is quite evident, despite all the protective measures taken by the parents – be it the woolen cap or the fur jacket.

4. The Quintessential Angry, Young Man

Source: Reddit

If he wants something, he means it! This angry, young man has taken the entire social media by storm with just one look. And, quite adorable he is, isn’t it?

5. What Has This World Come To?

Source: Reddit

Like a typical old chap, he is gazing into the distance and pondering about something important. Perhaps, he is wondering as to what the world has come to.

6. Too Bored To Do This!

Source: Imgur

Ice creams? Candies? Chocolates? Nah! This kid here knows that the world has something more interesting to offer. And, is already bored of all the childish stuff!

7. Already A Pro

Source: Reddit

The proud parents are happy to announce that their lovely daughter has already perfected the “that is my driveway you are parking in” look! All of us know how important this life skill is, so kudos to this super girl!

8. Ready To Retire Now

Source: Imgur

This man has seen it all. And, he is happy and content in life now. So, of course, the next obvious thing for him to do is to retire, isn’t it?

9. The Best Salesman Award Goes To…

Source: Reddit

Picture this face and imagine him selling you a second-hand car. Aren’t you going to buy it in a heartbeat? This bright, young man’s future is set in marketing, for sure!

10. These Other Babies Have It Too Easy!

Source: Reddit

This grumpy, old baby is probably wondering about how the other kids have gotten it too easy. Now they don’t have to face the cons of being born the previous week itself.

Aren’t these pictures just lovely and adorable? And, don’t they remind you that even our little ones can have their “oldie” moments? But, that does not make them any less awesome. If anything, it makes them even more wonderful!

We hope that all these pictures brought a huge smile to your face. Have a good day!