10 Times Babies Proved Photo Shoots Are Not Their Thing

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Baby photo shoots have become a trend these days. From striking angelic poses to dressing up in fancy designer clothes, babies nowadays can give even supermodels a tough competition. The day is not far when we might get to see fashion shows entirely dedicated to these tiny tots. The concept of baby photo shoots is almost two decades old now. It started in the 90’s when the famous photographer, Anne Geddes, clicked pictures of newborns in various get-ups. Thus, began the era of baby photo shoots.

Whether it’s your tiny angel’s first meal, the time you caught him/her sleeping snug onto his/her favorite stuffed toy, or his/her first Halloween costume- you cannot be blamed for wanting to capture all such beautiful moments forever.

But, we all know that babies are always up to something. How many times have you been all ready to click your baby’s picture, when suddenly they were not in the mood anymore? However, these sudden, spontaneous changes result not only in beautiful pictures but also hilarious memories.

Here, we bring you 10 such “Inspiration v/s Actual Result” moments from a baby photo shoot that turned into a hilarious disaster.

1. What’s ‘Joy’ For Some, Isn’t The Same For Others!

As if asking one baby to pose for a photograph isn’t a struggle enough, imagine the chaos with three in a single frame instead.

2. Sorry, Mom, I Dozed Off! But, I Was Asked To Close My Eyes!

The photographer asked this cute little angel to close his eyes for the picture. The poor baby, who had slept only for 16 hours, can’t really be blamed for wanting five more minutes of siesta?

3. You’re My Parents. How Can You Just Squeeze Me Like This?

The baby looks quite at home in the first photograph. But, the irritation on being squeezed is quite evident in the second one. Or, maybe it is just the father’s poking beard.

4. Take Me Out, Mom, I’m Suffocating In This Pumpkin

Don’t we all know how much toddlers hate to be still? This infant’s parent still took a risk for a memorable Halloween picture, which, unfortunately, did not go well as planned.

5. Mommy, This Is The Best Christmas Present Ever!

Babies, fairy lights, and Christmas caps are all ingredients for an endearing photograph. What can go wrong? Apparently, everything.

6. Oops, I Am About To Fall

Balancing does not come easy for a restless toddler. Throw in a blanket, a toy truck, and a towel to this and all you’ll get is a perfect recipe for a disaster.

7. Can I Just Sleep The Way I Want To?

All babies look adorable while sleeping. But, every tiny tot has his/her own comfortable position. While the little princess slept like a diva on fur, seems like the tiny little prince wasn’t amused.

8. Grrr… What’s With The Tent On My Head??

This baby, who clearly wasn’t in the mood, felt trapped under a blanket. The reaction seems pretty legit to me if you ask!

9. Help!! Get Me Out Of This, Will You?

This might seem like a cozy nest to you. But trust this baby, it is definitely not! Poor little fella, couldn’t figure out the beginning or end of it.

10. Balloons Are Not Enough, Give Me More Toys

When was a baby ever satisfied with just one type of toy? Giving this toddler only balloons with no way out from the cot got him crying badly.

Now that you know how a beautiful photo shoot can really get messed up, make sure baby is really in the mood to get clicked before you plan one!

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