39 Baby Boy And Girl Names That Mean Swift, Fast And Quick

Naming a baby is always fun. Most parents select the baby names long before the baby is born, and each name defines your child. You don’t know what your child will be like, but some names attract you like no other. If you have been looking for a cute yet meaningful name for your child that means swift and quick, we have just what you need. From ancient scripts to modern language, here is a list of 39 names for baby girls and boys with their meanings for you to choose from.

Go ahead and read them all.

1. Ari


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The name Ari has its origins in Hebrew and is a sweet name for a boy. It is derived from the word ‘ariy,’ which signifies a brave lion.

2. Altair

This rare name suits a baby boy like no other. It has an Arabic origin, and it means flying high like an eagle.

3. Aayan

Aayan is a Hindu name that means a person who makes rapid decisions. It is ideally for a baby boy.

4. Busby

Busby is the resonating humming sound of a quick movement. It has Scottish and American origin and is too cute to not name your kid!

5. Celerino

This short yet sweet name is ideal for the baby boy. It has a Latin origin, and it means fast!

6. Chapal


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The name originates in the Sanskrit language, and it means swift. If you are looking for something deep yet crisp, this is what you should name your son.

7. Citino

Citino translates to the sharp thinker in Latin. It is short and gives your child an intelligent identity.

8. Dahy

The name means ‘fast’ in Irish and is used as a first name for newborn boys in the US.

9. Dash

If you have seen the Pixar movie The Incredibles! It literally means fast!

10. Doocey

Doocey means quick-witted boy. It has an English-American origin and sounds perfect for your little one.

11. Ephah


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This name is so good that you might want to bookmark this! It is a rare Hebrew name that translates to- ‘in the air.’

12. Flash

Wait for your son to grow up and be a DC fan; he will surely love his name! The English name literally makes your son a superhero.

13. Guayra

This beautiful Native American name means as swift as the wind.

14. Hayato

Yes, you guessed it right. The name has a Japanese origin. It translates to a swift boy.

15. Java

You might be surprised, but Java is a Sanskrit word that means fast! So all the coder mommas and papas, you know what to name your baby!

16. Lanh


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Lanh translates to the quick-witted one in the Vietnamese language. Isn’t it just perfect for a little one?

17. Lassiter

Lassiter is a perfect name for someone intelligent and quick.

18. Recene

This classy name has English roots and stands for quick-witted.

19. Souta

This Japanese name translates to fast and quick. It is both meaningful and short.

20. Sufjan

The Arabic ties to this name make it even more attractive. It means to move quickly.

21. Suri


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This name has Native American-Quechua origins. It stands for quick reflexes.

22. Swift

This is how modern and to the point, you can be with a name!

23. Teneangopte

This Native American name translates to the high-flying bird. It is difficult to spell but undoubtedly one of a kind.

24. Tobikuma

The name translates to flying cloud. It has a Japanese origin and is undoubtedly a name we want to save for our little one.

25. Wilny


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This cute name translates to’ eagle was singing while flying,’ It is a Native American name.

26. Zeki

It is a Turkish name that translates to a quick-witted person.

27. Achira

This name has Latin origin and means a fast and alert person. It’s a perfect name for a baby girl.

28. Aeola

Aeola means nimble. It is a Greek name that sounds so good to the ears.

29. Ainia


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Ainia means ‘swift’ and has Old Greek roots, making it even more unique.

30. Asvini

This name translates to ‘practical and fast.’ The name has Sanskrit origins and is something your child will love when she grows up.

31. Apce

This Latin name is for someone who adapts to work quickly and swiftly.

32. Camilla

Camilla is a typical Latin name that means a ceremonial attendant.

33. Deanne

This French name means ‘exquisite and swift.’ It suits your baby girl perfectly.

34. Dianna

This English name is renowned for its meaning of swiftness.

35. Emer

As unique as it sounds, this Irish name means ready to go.

36. Fleta


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Fleta sounds cute and means speedy. If your baby girl doesn’t sit at a place for more than a minute, you know what to name her!

37. Kohana

This Hawaiyan name translates to fast learner. Sounds much like Moana?

38. Saya

Saya translates to rapid arrow and has a Japanese origin.

39. Vanessa

This Latin name translates to a dreamy butterfly.

So, now that you have all the names to choose from, your baby will undoubtedly have the cutest and most unique name of all time. Do you have any name in mind for your little one? Let us know in the comments section!

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