Baby Falls Off The Changing Table. And Then This Happens!

This heart-stopping, dramatic clip of a nine-year-old boy from Florida saving his little baby brother just in the nick of time as he tumbles off a changing table, will have you biting your nails in terror!

Captured on 29th September in Florida’s Bal Harbor, this video was only recently posted online on Facebook by the boy’s mother, Tila Levi, for she felt somewhat ‘embarrassed’ by her split-second negligence at first. The sensational video was initially shared just amongst family, on the Jewish new year – Rosh Hashanah – three days post the incident. The Levi family wanted to share with their relatives the ‘miracle’ they felt they were blessed to begin the New Year with.

The video depicts Tila, 35, having just finished changing her eleven-month-old son, Eitan’s diaper. She then proceeds to get distracted as her other son, six-year-old Zion, begins to question her about his homework. In the midst of all this, Eitan who happened to be lying placidly upon his back as Tila turned away, began getting agitated. He is seen rolling over curiously upon his changing table. At one horrifying moment, we can also see his legs dangling over the table’s edge, when his weight tips over, succumbing to gravity and he begins plunging down.

However, just before Eitan can make an impact, her nine-year-old son Joseph blessedly happens to witness Eitan’s struggles and makes a miraculous dive to seize his little brother. Though Eitan’s lower body does hit the ground, Joseph however successfully catches his upper body. He thereby softens the impact and also, thankfully, prevents Eitan from receiving what we could only imagine to be a horrible head injury.

When Tila comes to realize what had just occurred, she can be seen fiercely embracing Eitan and Joseph. Though his baby brother was just fine, Joseph claims he was “surprised” and “shaken up” at what he had just managed to achieve in time for usually, he can barely hoist Eitan.

Perhaps even more shockingly, Joseph wasn’t present in the baby changing room at the time as well. According to Levi, he simply happened to have been strolling by when he noticed Eitan’s fall from the periphery of his eye. What happened in the next few seconds were sheer reflexes that can only be hailed a miracle. Joseph reportedly told his mother, in the aftermath of it all, that he rather felt an “angel pushed” him forward for he really can’t believe he had the capacity to rescue his baby brother by himself.

This amazing video was captured on a baby monitor that is able to save recorded videos on your smartphone. Tila and her husband claim to have watched the video dozens of times in order to discern what went wrong and if the incident could have been prevented.

“My baby had an angel by his side”, says Tila. “Thank God it was a happy ending.”

His relatives have now hailed little Joseph a superhero for his spectacular rescue of his baby brother. For being so very brave, his grandparents, in particular, wanted to reward Joseph however, he declined. When asked why, Joseph says being able to help Eitan in time was simply “enough” of a reward. Aw.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and watch this astonishing clip for your self:

Credits: ABC News [YouTube]

Tila says the reason she finally decided to share this wonderful video with the world was because she wanted to reach out to those parents who face a similar situation. “My message is to parents: Enjoy your kids!”. “Protect them as much as you can. At the end of the day, in a second, everything can change.”

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