Baby Girl Names Inspired By The Holidays

Naming your baby is one of the most exciting things that you will ever do as a parent. But sometimes, the process of finding one that sounds perfect to you, and your partner isn’t as easy as you may have liked it to be. Thankfully, you can gain inspiration from just about anything for beautiful baby names. And, what better way to celebrate your little bundle of joy than to name them after a time of festive celebration? If you’re a family that’s obsessed with the holidays, or your little one is due to arrive around holiday time, why not pick a name inspired by them? Holiday time is all about family, friends, giving and a sense of magic in the air. So, if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, and more, then here are a few baby girl names inspired by the holidays that you must consider. Read on to know them all!

1. Nyah


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This beautiful name has Swahili origins, and it means ‘resolve’ or ‘brilliance.’ The gorgeous girl name is unique sounding and isn’t all that well known, making it a perfect pick if you want something new. Picking a name that isn’t overdone means that your baby will get noticed for their name in every setting. Nyah is a short name that is easy to remember. It has a feel-good meaning that reminds you of the holidays and brighter times to come. So, will this be the name for your brilliant little girl?

2. Tinsley


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This name is a little more on the nose when it comes to following the holiday theme. This name doesn’t have a rich history, but it is modern sounding and quirky. The name is obviously inspired by the metallic dressing one puts on a Christmas tree, that is, tinsel. This unconventional gender-neutral name is light-hearted and fun. It works for parents who don’t really want a name with any religious connotations but want to capture the holiday spirit. Besides, it sounds super cute!

3. Eve


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The name Eve has been around for an extremely long time. Christians would even argue that it was the name given to the first woman to ever exist on earth. So, if you’re looking for a name with history, and a close link to religion, your search is over. The name Eve is of Hebrew and Latin origins and means ‘life’ or ‘animal.’ However, one cannot deny that there is a clear holiday vibe that you get from this name. After all, doesn’t it remind you of New Year’s Eve? If you’d like your baby’s name to remind you of new beginnings and grand celebrations with your friends and family, then Eve may be the perfect name for you.

4. Paloma


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This name fits the holiday theme somewhat indirectly, but perfectly. After all, doesn’t peace on earth sound possible when you hold your little one in your arms? Paloma is the Spanish word for ‘dove,’ which is the bird that has become synonymous with the recognizable symbol of peace. In fact, even the famous artist Pablo Picasso drew the iconic ‘Dove Of Peace’ image and named his daughter after the dove. So, if you’d like your little one to always carry the message of peace with them throughout their lives, Paloma might be the best name to choose.

5. Holly


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This one is a no-brainer! You are sure to have a holly jolly Christmas if you name your daughter after this famous Christmas favor. Everyone knows that the glossy green leaves and beautiful little berries decorate every mantel and fireplace during the holidays. Holly truly does create the magical ambiance of Christmas and the New Years. Holly, the name comes from the Old English word ‘Holegn’ which means ‘to prick.’ So, if you want a name that captures the essence of the holiday spirit while still being lively and cheerful, this is the name for your gorgeous little girl!

6. Imani


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What are the holidays if not a time to truly celebrate one’s faith? This exquisite baby name captures the reverence and joy that the holidays bring, and is a constant reminder to keep the faith. Imani is another beautiful Swahili name that has been linked to the traditional Kwanzaa celebration of light that comes just after Christmas. The name itself means ‘faith.’ So, if you want your baby to be a constant reminder of everything that is good in the world, and you’d like them to be a religious beacon for others, then this may be a great name choice for you.

Picking out a baby name doesn’t have to be a daunting and unpleasant task, especially if your baby is arriving around such a pleasant time as the holidays. So, take your time to be inspired by the holidays and pick a name befitting your cheerful festive little baby. Santa saved his best present for you!

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