17 Baby Girl Names And Meanings, Scripture And Prayers

Baby Girl Names


There are a million thoughts that might run through your mind after you learn of your pregnancy. After all, the to-do list becomes quite long when you are expecting. From looking after your own diet and lifestyle to ensuring the well-being of your child, you can’t seem to stop thinking about the wonderful days to come.

In fact, picking a perfect name is one of those things that both of you may obsess about a lot too. After all, you want to ensure that the name symbolizes the personality of your little one in the aptest way possible, isn’t it? And, at the same time, you wish to ensure that the blessings of God shower upon your munchkin at all times. Here, we have prepared a list of all the perfect Indian baby girl names. Have a look:

1. Aaradhya



This name refers to someone who is worshiped and is a blessing of the Hindu God Ganesha himself. The famous Bollywood actors, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan, picked this name for their daughter, making it quite a popular name choice across the country.

2. Ananya

This is a charming name with a “charming” meaning. Another name of the Goddess Parvati, this unique name also means that “someone who is different from others”.

3. Saanvi

Another name of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, Saanvi refers to someone who will be worshiped and followed.

4. Anaya



If you wish for God to show His favor and grace towards your little one, then this is the name for you as that is exactly what it means. The name signifies someone who doesn’t have a superior.

5. Anika

If you wish your daughter to exhibit the brilliance of the Goddess Durga, then go for this name!

6. Myra

A name that itself means “someone who is dear and beloved to you” is, of course, a lovely name choice for your little one.

7. Shanaya



A name that refers to the first ray of the sunlight, it would be perfect for your daughter’s “distinguished” and “eminent” personality!

8. Aarna

This beautiful name means “water”, “waves”, or the “stream”. So, if you are a water baby and want to pick a unique name for your little princess, don’t hesitate and go for this one!

9. Kiara

If the first thought that comes to your head when you look at your little one is “Awww, my dusky, dark-haired beautiful princess!”, then pick this name!

10. Aalia



With one of the top Bollywood actresses adorning this name, “Aalia” is back in vogue. And, the meaning is equally wonderful- “excellent, tall, or towering”.

11. Prisha

It refers to the talent given by the Almighty Himself. The name “Prisha” refers to someone who is beloved and loving.

12. Maryam

An amazing name for a beautiful woman, “Maryam” means “flower or beloved”.

13. Aarohi



If you want to give a musical ring to your daughter’s name, then go for “Aarohi” which means ascending.

14. Sarah

“Happy”, “princess”, and “pure” are some of the words that will come to your mind when you see your beautiful little girl. So, why not name her something that means the same?

15. Vanya

If you believe that your daughter is courtesy of God’s grace, then go for this incredibly beautiful name.

16. Amaira



Which parent doesn’t wish for their daughter to be eternally beautiful? It comes as no surprise then that this name has started hitting the trending baby name charts recently!

17. Zara

Believe that your daughter is as bright as the dawn? Think that your little princess is as brilliant as the blossoming flower? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Pick this name immediately!

Now that we have talked about a lot of popular baby girl names and their meanings, let’s offer our prayers to God for the well-being of your little princesses! Hope she always stays beautiful and complete. Happy naming!

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