Baby Name Survey Shows 2020 Parents Are Going With This 'Trendy' Virus-Themed Moniker

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One of the most exciting things for expectant parents is picking out baby names for their little ones. While some parents think of names before the due date, others wait until after the baby’s arrival to decide a name for their little one. But most often than not, parents always scroll through the list of the best baby names to see if something catches their eye. And every year, a list of the top 100 baby names are announced. While we are familiar with some of the classic and timeless monikers, there are a few unexpected names that always emerge time and again to make it to the list. And it was no surprise that “Corona” would gain traction this year. Below, we bring you a list of other girl and boy names that gained popularity in 2020.

Braxton & Mila

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Mila has Spanish, Hebrew, and Slavic origins and means gracious or dear. It also means word or miracles. Braxton is an Old English moniker and means “Brock’s town”.

Zion & Aaliyah

They are quite unique names for your kids and hold a wonderful meaning. The name Aaliyah has several variations such as Alia, Aliyah, and Aliya. Aaliyah is an Arabic name for a baby girl and means exalted and high. Zion is a gender-neutral name more commonly used for boys. This Hebrew name means “highest point”’.

Aria & Kai

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Arya is one of the names that have been trending since Game Of Thrones aired on TV. A slightly different variation of the name, Aria has multiple meanings such as air, treasure, noble, and lioness. Kai is a gender-neutral name meaning sea, ocean, recovery, and restoration.

Aurora & Hunter

Who hasn’t heard of Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty? It’s no wonder that this name is starting to gain traction. Aurora is a name of Latin origin, meaning dawn. Hunter is a name that has been popular on the chart of baby boys for quite some time. It is a name of English origin, meaning “one who hunts”.

Amelia & Urban

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Amelia is a variant of the English name, Amalia. It means work. Urban is a unique moniker that has bagged a spot on the list, especially for a first name. Urban means “city dweller”.

Eliana & Logan

Eliana isn’t an unusual name, but it’s not as common as some of the other names. Eliana is a name that shares Arabic and Hebrew origin. It translates to “my God has answered me” in Hebrew and means “the bright” in Arabic. Logan is an Irish surname with a meaning of “descendant of the warrior”. It also means “little hollow”.

Ivy & River

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Ivy is a popular name for a girl. Besides having a plant that goes by its name, Ivy also symbolizes fidelity and faithfulness. River, on the other hand, is a name of English origin and can be used for any gender.

Maeve & Luca

Maeve is a gorgeous pick for a baby girl. This Gaelic origin name means intoxicating. Luca is a name that has been quite popular in the list of baby names. Though you might have heard of similar names such as Lucas, Luca definitely has a fun element to it. The Italian-origin moniker means sacred wood.

Remi & Skylar

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What we love about these names is that they are gender-neutral. So, if you are a parent looking for gender-neutral monikers, you’ve found a great pick. Remi is a name of French origin meaning “oarsman”. Skylar, on the other hand, is a name of American origin with multiple meanings such as scholar, guarded, the sky.

Did you enjoy our list of the most popular baby names? Comment below and let us know if you’ve found any favorites from the list.