Baby Names Inspired By Shakespeare

The first thing anyone does when they realize they are going to have a baby is start picking out their baby’s name. Now this can be quite a daunting task considering that the name will stay with them for life. But thankfully parents-to-be can turn to so many things for inspiration. Many people especially turn to their favorite works of art, books, or even a specific writer they adore. If you’re a fan of literature or just have a fascination for Romeo and Juliet, chances are that you know a thing or two about Shakespeare. He is probably the most famous playwright and has written comedies, tragedies, romances and everything in between. So, if you want to name your child after a one of a kind character written by this great playwright, we’ve got a great list compiled just for you! Here are some baby names inspired by Shakespeare’s greatest works and why it’s the perfect match for your little one.

1. Jessica

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Did you know that the first time this name was ever recorded was in Shakespeare’s work ‘Merchant Of Venice’? Jessica was the name given to a Jewish moneylender named Shylock’s daughter who was the antagonist of the play. People speculate that Shakespeare created this name by anglicizing a similar name found in the Bible, Iscah which means ‘sight’ or ‘vision’ in Hebrew. The name Jessica roughly translates to ‘God beholds’ or even ‘wealth.’ In the play, Jessica is a strong character who knows her own mind and follows her heart. She is intelligent, cunning, and open to new experiences. So, if you want to name your daughter after a fearless and feisty character, this is the name for you.

2. Iris

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This name sounds absolutely divine, which makes sense as it is the name of a Greek goddess. Iris is a Greek word which means ‘rainbow.’ According to Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow. She is said to deliver messages to the gods through her multicolored rainbow bridge. Iris also refers to the pigmented part of one’s eyes and the colorful flower. In Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest,’ Iris is one of Prospero’s spirits and acts as the mistress of ceremonies. If you want a vivacious and graceful name for your baby girl, look no further than precious Iris.

3. Lysander

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This is another beautiful Greek name, which means ‘liberator.’ It is a wonderful name for a baby boy to live by. This name has been around for a long time, way before Shakespeare even mentioned it in his works. It was the name of an esteemed Spartan naval commander. But it wasn’t until Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ that this masculine name was imbued with romantic charm. In this play, the character Lysander is a young man from Athens who is a romantic. He falls in love with a nobleman’s daughter and wins her affection by singing to her and presenting her with small thoughtful gifts. He is sweet, gentle and passionate. If you’d like your little one to be just as romantic and thoughtful, then Lysander may be the name for him. The name of a dreamer and a romantic!

4. Antony

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This infamous name has many meanings, including ‘priceless one’ or ‘highly praiseworthy.’ Irrespective of the meaning, this name has been highly favored by noblemen, saints, artists, and politicians alike for centuries. The name Antony is the English form of the Roman family name ‘Antonius.’ The name has been linked to the historical figure Mark Antony, who is an integral part of Shakespeare’s play ‘Julius Caesar.’ Not only was he known to be a lover of music, but his character is also synonymous with loyalty, obedience and honor. The character was Caesar’s closest friend and Cleopatra’s lover. So, if you’d like your little one to be known for his sense of duty and loyalty, Antony might be the perfect name for him.

5. Cordelia

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Cordelia is a beautiful girl name that stems from Latin origins. The name itself is a popular variation of the latin word ‘cor’ meaning ‘heart.’ This delicate and sweet-sounding name was perfect for the third daughter of the king in Shakespeare’s play ‘King Lear.’ This character was known for being pure, honest, brave and loyal. Cordelia was the king’s favorite daughter as she was inherently good and never used her father to gain political advantage. If you’d like your daughter to be just as pure-hearted and sweet, then Cordelia might be the perfect name for her.

Picking out a name that truly suits your baby and meets your requirements can be hard. But when all else fails, you can put your faith in the immortal works of Shakespeare to help supply you with some unique and meaningful names. So, which one have you chosen for your baby? That is the question!

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