21 Baby Names With Truly Wonderful Meanings

Baby Names With Truly Wonderful Meanings

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Congratulations! If you’ve just given birth to your bundle of joy and looking for a new name, then it is only apt for us to begin with a congratulatory note. We are sure that you might have already shopped a bit for your baby, set up the baby room, and geared up for babycare before the stork arrived. And now that it has, the next important step is to get your baby a beautiful name. Since it has to be the best (obviously), here are few names to consider which not only sound good but also have a wonderful meaning to them. Here goes –

It’s A Girl!

Anaisha Special Unique

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Anaisha – Special, Unique

This name, which means special and unique in Hindi, sounds both posh and traditional at the same time.

Anmol – Precious

Your little girl is precious to you, no doubt. This name with its origin in Hindi easily suits your little darling.

Esther – Star, Goddess Of Love

This name of Persian origin means a star while some scholars believe it is also a derivation of the Babylonian name Ishtar, who was a Goddess of Love.

Hiza – Beauty, Attractive

The meaning of this name itself means beautiful and attractive. It has its origins in Hindi and Urdu where it means the same in both languages.

Hiza Beauty Attractive

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Kaira – Peaceful, Pure

Need a name with exotic origin? Then go for this Scandinavian name which means peaceful and pure all at once!

Mishel – Light

This beautiful name is derived from the Arabic language and means light or source of light.

Roshanak – Dawn, The Radiant One

This ancient name, which is derived from the Bactrian-Persian language, sounds extremely unique and has a beautiful meaning too.

Siona – Star

This name in Hindi means star, which is quite a suitable option for your rock-star girl!


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Yasmine – Jasmine Flower

An evergreen name which spells beauty and elegance from its very mention, Yasmine originates from the Arabic language.

Zaria – Dawn, Sunrise

She’s the dawn of your life, your little princess. This name of Russian origin is totally apt for her!

It’s A Boy!


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Amaan – Lovable, Fearless

You love your baby boy to bits and wish he grows up to be a fearless yet lovable person. And the meaning of this Arabic name conveys just that!

Dastan – Legend

This name will immediately remind you of the ‘Prince of Persia’ tale. Yes, this name of Persian origin means legend and sounds royal too.

Delvan – Daring, Beloved Person

This recently-surfaced name means a beloved person and daring in the old Irish language. Imagine an armored knight with this name and you’ll get what we mean!

Kalila – Dearly Loved

This name means someone who is dearly loved, in Arabic origin. This, of course, applies to your little boy too.


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Omar – Flourishing

This beautiful name of Arabic origin is quite popular to this day and means flourishing.

Nivaan – Holy

This name means ‘Holy’ in the Hindi language. Quite a wonderful name with a spiritual touch!

Rameel – Mercy Of God

Your baby boy is surely the mercy of God. This name, which means the same in Arabic, is completely apt for him.

Shinoy – Peacemaker

It is a name that originates in Hindi and means peacemaker. Now, isn’t that a wonderful meaning?


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Tuviksh – Strong; Powerful

On the surface, Tuvishk means strong and powerful in the Hindi language. However, refers to Lord Indra’s bow in Hindu mythology!

Zehaan – Brightness; Prosperous

This unique-sounding name originates from the Hindi language and means prosperity, brightness, and abundance – enough to make you choose this for you baby boy!

Bonus Name – Gender-Neutral

Bonus Name

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Nehad – Brave

This name originates from the Arabic language and it means brave. The beauty of this name apart from it’s meaning, is that it is gender-neutral. It can be used for both girls and boys.

We hope these names have given you enough inspiration and options to help give your precious little one a beautiful name with a wonderful meaning. But no matter what you choose, we’re sure it’ll be just the right one for your baby!

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