Baby Unconscious, Not Breathing, Choking? Do This Immediately

Congratulations, you’re now past the nine months of vigilance you kept to ensure your baby’s healthy and safe delivery. But now it’s up to you to ensure that you are prepared for any of the worse case scenarios. We have all, at certain points in our lives, envisaged our newborn being in danger while we’re helpless and paralyzed for we just don’t have a clue: my baby is choking, this is really happening, oh God what do I do now?

How do you even save a choking baby? Don’t be afraid if you aren’t prepared; this is a scenario most parents dread to even think of. But as the adage goes, hope for the best and prepare for the worse. So, here are the answers to all the questions you dread even to imagine – answers that could be the difference between life and death. As a parent, it is crucial that you watch the videos below. Commit the listed first aid instructions to your memory and heart.

What To Do If Your Baby Is Choking

Credit: St John Ambulance (YouTube)

  1. Take your choking baby and turn him over so that he is lying facedown. Place him over your thigh and apply five blows to his back.
  1. If this is not successful, turn your baby over. Now place him chest up and deliver five chest-thrusts: take two fingers, place them on your baby’s chest and pump. Now proceed to open you baby’s mouth in order to check if the object has gotten dislodged.
  1. If the above maneuvers fail, then proceed to repeat the first technique. However, if you’ve repeated all the instructed techniques three times yet your baby continues to choke, call the ambulance.

What To Do If Your Baby Is Unresponsive But Breathing

Credits: British Red Cross (YouTube)

  1. Check if your baby is breathing. Tilt back his head and look plus physically feel for any breaths. If he happens to be breathing proceed to step 2. If that’s not the case, immediately begin CPR.
  1. Hold the baby on his side with his head tilted slightly back. Support his head with your hands.
  1. Call an ambulance as you continue to hold your child in this position, or ask a family member to dial the emergency hotline.
  1. Remember to be prepared to perform CPR in the case your child stops breathing.

How To Perform CPR On A Baby

Credits: St John Ambulance (YouTube)

  1. Your first act, fundamentally, should be to call for an ambulance. Dial your national emergency hotline.
  1. Now lay your child on a flat surface and raise their head upwards. This will cause your child airway to open up.
  1. Deliver five puffs of breath over your child’s nose as well as mouth. Using two fingers, place them upon your child’s chest and pump for 30 times.
  1. Follow the above step with two puffs of breath, once again to his nose and mouth. Then once more, pump his chest using two fingers for a count of 30.
  1. Keep repeating the above step, step 4, until the ambulance arrives.

When it is time to deliver emergency first aid, panic and kisses just won’t cut it. You need the above provided basic knowledge to not only tackle any unforeseen crisis, but also prevent worse damage your child can incur due to ignorance. Always be prepared.

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