Baby With Congenital Disorder Hears Parents For The First Time

You’ve probably heard about Leopold Wilbur Reppond, or Leo, a baby born with a rare congenital disorder called ‘oculocutaneous albinism’. Sadly little Leo couldn’t see his parents due to the disorder. So, the doctor had to design glasses for little Leo to be able to see his parents. When his parents captured the moment on camera, the world watched on in awe. His story has done the rounds on social media all across the world.

Scientists say that babies can begin to recognize voices while they’re in the womb. When we did this post on how soon can children recognize their parents, we learned that if you sing to or talk to your baby in the last month of pregnancy, the baby can recognize your voice when he’s born. Incredible isn’t it?

Sometimes, though, the world isn’t as fair. Babies who have congenital hearing disorders can’t respond to your voice. That must be quite heart-wrenching. But, the advent of hearing aids can help minimize this problem, even for babies. While it might sound like a difficult thing to get a baby to wear a hearing aid, the sight of your little one looking up in awe and delightedly staring at your mouth or your face when you call his name is enough to make even the coldest of hearts melt.

Check out how this little guy reacted when he heard his parents’ voices for the first time. That moment when it dawns on him that it’s his mom’s voice, is most definitely, priceless.


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