Beat The Baby Boredom Blues

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For many parents, being able to stay at home with their newborns and infants is a luxury that most can quite literally not afford. So when they do get the opportunity to take some well deserved and much needed time off work to snuggle with their baby, at first they are stoked! Who wouldn’t be? But as the days fly by, they start to realize that they are dragging instead of flying. No one prepares you for how hectic and exhausting parenthood is going to be. And soon enough there you are with 3 day old sweats on and hair that hasn’t been brushed out in a week. And although taking care of a newborn is enough of an excuse for your appearance, many new moms start to wish they could venture out of the house or step away from the baby just so they can feel more like themselves.

Let’s face it, taking care of your baby (and yes we know you love them) can be boring. The monotonous routine and the endless task of nursing, diaper changes and rocking the baby to sleep can be mind numbing and frustrating at times. Especially when you see your friends enjoying a fun social life that no longer includes you. So how exactly do you beat the boredom and find a way to stop feeling blue while you stay home with the baby? If you’d like to know more on this topic then keep on reading!

What Are The Baby Blues?

What Are The Baby Blues

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The phenomenon known as the baby blues affects up to 80 percent of new moms and can be characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and loneliness (1). These feelings can surface anytime between the first couple of days, weeks or even months after giving birth. Experts say that the baby blues are usually the result of your hormones dropping after you deliver. If it’s just a case of getting adjusted to your new role, you may feel your routine is much less than exciting. Still, there’s some creative ways on making your day-to-day life more fulfilling to fight off the baby blues. Let’s look at a few of them:

1. Change Your Routine

Change Your Routine

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There’s no denying that your baby needs routine, structure and repetition. But when your days all start blending into each other, that’s when you know that just because your baby’s schedule has to stay the same, doesn’t mean that yours has to be just as solid. Change is good so the best thing you can do to break out of the monotony is to switch up your routine a little bit. This can be as simple as listening to your favorite music and having an impromptu dance party while you clean with your baby in tow. You could also listen to a book or a podcast while you put your baby to sleep or nurse them. Another thing you can do is, instead of sticking to doing chores during your baby’s nap time, do something for yourself. Go for a quick shower, change out of your clothes even if it’s just to put a fresh set of pajamas on. Eat your favorite snack. Anything to keep you motivated and involved.

2. Journal It Out

Journal It Out

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Now we don’t care if this is you literally putting pen to paper, jotting down random mom thoughts on your phone or starting a mom blog. Whatever your cup of tea may be, it’s always great to have a safe space to vent and unload your thoughts onto. Writing can also give you some clarity on what you are feeling or how you can change your perspective in difficult situations. Moreover, you don’t need to journal just the hard stuff. Make it fun by adding in some good memories and pictures. This will help get you through the challenging parts of momhood.

3. Get Up And Get Out

Get Up And Get Out

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This may seem like a no brainer but it takes a lot more prep to get out of the house with a 5 month old than just stepping out of the door by yourself. And sometimes, all that extra work can be discouraging. But taking a short outing will do wonders for you. You actually get to interact with people who don’t need to be fed and you get some fresh air. You and your baby can go on a nice evening walk or visit a peaceful park. It doesn’t have to be anything taxing. Take it one step at a time and eventually you’ll get your groove back.

Being a mom is no easy task, especially when a newborn is involved. It can take a while to feel like you are more than just a caregiver and might take even longer before your life and body truly feels like your own. As confusing and tiring as the first few months are, it’s important to try to enjoy these sweet priceless moments with your baby while you can. After all, they won’t be a baby forever, just as you won’t experience the baby blues for long. Happy parenting!

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