17 Best Jewelry Boxes Of 2022


For a woman, accessories like jewelry, trinkets, gems, and others that she owns hold great value in her life. Whether these ornaments hold great financial value or have emotional associations, the best jewelry boxes will help you keep them safe and in an organized manner. These boxes are more than mere boxes and are available in various styles and sizes. Armoires, travel cases, vanity boxes, and chests are most common. Depending on your jewelry collection, you can have a see-through box that exhibits your pendants, earrings, rings, or a necklace box with solid walls. If you are finding it hard to decide which box to choose, we are here to provide you the assistance. In this post, we have rounded up some amazing options to keep your valuables safe and organized.

17 Best Jewelry Boxes

1. QBeel Jewelry Box


The Qbeel jewelry box and organizer is made of soft velvet and is environment friendly. It is also non-deforming, anti-abrasive, and comes with a key to keep all your jewelry safe. The big box with 36 compartments has necklace hooks, ring cases, bracelet slots, ear stud cards, and large pouches. The elegant and stylish design can make a perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday.

2. Kloud City Jewelry Box Organizer


The jewelry box organizer from Kloud City is made of high-quality materials and designed with fine craftsmanship. The two-layered design with 27 storage compartments offers enough space for earrings, rings, and necklaces. It has a second-layer with a removable slot to meet more storage needs. The elegant and considerate design makes it a functional gift for anyone with plenty of jewelry and accessories. It is available in various elegant colors, including blue, pink, rose, and purple.

3. Vlando Jewelry Box


Delicately crafted faux-leather Vlando Jewelry Box is sure to delight women with its elegant and classy design. The handmade craftsmanship ensures complete perfection with velvet lining that gives it a luxurious look and keeps your jewelry organized. The medium-sized box offers sufficient space to store all your jewelry, including earrings, chains, and rings. It also has a built-in mirror for added convenience. Take a look at this video to learn more about this product.

4. Kendal Leather Jewelry Box


The contemporary jewelry box from Kendal is quite large and perfect for storing all your jewelry and accessories. Delicately made of high-capacity leather, the box is sturdy and has several compartments. The sleek design, glossy texture, and delicate handles give it a classy look. It has hand-lines made of exquisite suede fabric with two swing-out cabinets to hold up to eight necklaces.

The top lid sports a large, beveled mirror, making it a convenient option when you are getting ready. Its removable drawers come with different sized storage compartments and are perfect for organizing jewelry in all sizes. You may check more about this product from this video.

5. ProCase Jewelry Box Organizer


The ProCase jewelry box is made of advanced velvet material, making it environmentally friendly and anti-abrasive. It offers comfortable touch and keeps your jewelry safe from scratches. The stylish box has a simple metal clasp for easy and quick closure.

It has 27 compartments for proper organization of your earrings, rings, bracelets, and a few necklace hooks to keep the chains from tangling. The bottom tray is ideal for storing bigger or rarely used jewelry items. It makes a valuable gift for anyone who adores jewelry.

6. Glenor Jewelry Box 


The Glenor jewelry box is made of high-quality materials and with excellent craftsmanship. It has two layers for maximum storage in minimum space and a plush velvet interior to keep your jewelry safe from scratches. The organizer comes packed in a beautiful white box with a blank gift card, making it an ideal gifting idea. Its magnetic snap buckle design gives it a classic touch and makes it easy to open. Plus, the big built-in mirror lets you try on the jewelry while getting ready for a party or an event.

7. HerFav Jewelry Box


The HerFav jewelry box has three luxurious velvet-lined drawers to keep your jewelry safe, and its chic look matches any style of a dresser. It also gives the box a classy and elegant look. The top drawer with dividers is an ideal space to store your studs and rings. Its second drawer is designed to organize big accessories, while the bottom drawer is designed to hold necklaces. The box has a transparent shell and is easy to clean.

8. Homde Jewelry and Watch Box 


You can store your watches and jewelry safely in this stand-up jewelry box from Homde. It has four removable pillows in the top layer to organize your watches. The faux-leather and velvet lining inside give it a chic appearance, and the mirror attached to the lid makes trying jewelry easy.

The two swing-out cabinets are perfect for holding your necklaces separately without tangling them. It also has four pullout drawers to keep your jewelry and accessories. Each drawer sports an elegant handle to pull out, and the box has a lock for security.

9. Weiai Acrylic Jewelry Box 


The elegant crystal-clear design box from Weiai can elevate your closet instantly. It has several compartments to store your collection of jewelry neatly. The waterproof and dust-proof box with a velvet lining and composite board is soft to touch and protects your jewelry from damage or abrasion.

The three pullout drawers offer different sized slots to hold rings, earrings, watches, and necklaces. The first drawer has seven slots with three compartments, and the second one has six sections perfect for your big accessories. The last drawer does not have any dividers and is ideal for keeping necklaces and bracelets. Each drawer comes with a molded handle for a quick grip to open and close.

10. Jewelkeeper Musical Jewelry Box 


The Jewelkeeper unicorn box can be a perfect gift for little girls to keep their jewelry and accessories organized. It has two spacious drawers at the bottom and is crafted with durable pine fiberboard material. The stylish gold-tone latch adds to the cute-chic element of the jewelry box.

You will be delighted to see a magical unicorn doll twirling to the enchanting tune on opening the musical box. The child-friendly design has a soft lavender lining that keeps trinkets and keepsakes safe from scratches. Girls who love accessories and jewelry would love to have this pretty jewelry box.

11. Juvale Jewelry Box Organizer


The Juvale two-layer jewelry box is compact and stylish with a removable tray as an extra storage space for your jewelry. Made of durable material, the box is quite sturdy and has a small lock and key for safety. It also has hooks attached to the lid to hold the necklaces and a pouch at the bottom that keeps them from tangling. The velvety smooth interior keeps the jewelry scratch-free and adds a touch of style to the box.

12. Misaya Jewelry Box for Women 


The Misaya jewelry box comes with multiple removable compartments offering tiny storage spaces to keep your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelet, and all other trinkets. It is made of PU leather and is lined with soft plush fabric to keep your jewelry safe from scratches. The advanced lock design ensures the safety and makes opening easy. You can find it in classic colors that add a touch of elegance to your dressing table.

13. RR Round Rich Design Wooden Jewelry Box 


Crafted from high-end natural hardwood, the box is lined with anti-tarnishing velvet. It is moisture and corrosion-resistant to keep your jewelry clean and safe. The four small drawers with exquisitely decorated handles add a touch of elegance to the room décor and make opening and closing easier. Its top is equipped with a necklace carousel and has a separate multi-layer ring storage. The jewelry box comes well packed in a beautiful gift box ready for gifting.

14. Melissa & Doug Jewelry Box 


The wooden jewelry box from Melissa & Doug is a craft kit and a keepsake box designed for children who are aged three years and above. It comes with 26 gem stickers, 38 foil stickers, and glitter glue that add a creative touch to the pretty pink box. The box features a mirror and a velvet ring holder and promotes creativity and fine motor skills.

15. Henzin Travel Jewelry Box 


The cute little faux-leather jewelry box from Henzin is perfect for carrying all your trinkets safely when traveling. It is lightweight, portable, and made of quality PU leather. The box is odorless, durable, moisture-proof, and waterproof and has functional partitions to hold your rings, earrings, and other jewelry neatly. Its simple and compact design makes it easy to carry and a thoughtful gift for a wedding or birthday.

16. Songmics Jewelry Box 


The Songmics wooden jewelry holder sports a delicately carved lid, making it stand out on your dressing table. The shining crystal knob adds a classy touch to the case. You can store all your rings, hairpins, and small trinkets in separate rolls in the top layer. The compact box has a plush lining inside to keep the jewelry safe from scratches and a white base to store accessories.

17. Jomarto Jewelry Display Case 

The Jomarto jewelry case is lightweight and compact with a travel-friendly design. Made of premium PU leather material, the two-layer box is sturdy and has an adequate storage capacity with necklace hooks and a few tiny detachable pouches and compartments. Its small snap button makes opening and closing easy. The box’s exterior is waterproof and odorless, and the interior is made of refined suede material to keep your jewelry safe.

What Should You Look For In A Jewelry Box? 

Here are a few aspects you can check before buying the best jewelry box for yourself or your friend.

  • Have a clear idea of the amount of jewelry you own and want to store in the box. Get a box with several small compartments if you own small bracelets, earrings, and studs. You may choose a box with bigger compartments if you are a fan of wearing chunky statement jewelry.
  • Check if the lining of the box is soft to touch. Boxes lined with soft materials usually keep the jewelry safe from scratches and damage.
  • Buy a jewelry cabinet or box with a lock if you own expensive pieces. It is safer to keep them locked. However, if the only concern is to keep the box away from children, a small snap button or knob may suffice.
  • Go for the box that will perfectly match your room décor and your taste. You may choose a Victorian-style wooden box for a traditional taste or a simple, sleek glass box if you prefer a modern look.

A jewelry box can be a stunning addition to your room if chosen wisely. It is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Finding the most suitable jewelry box that fits all your jewelry and keeps them safe can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We hope our list of the best jewelry boxes helps you find the one to keep all your precious jewelry safe and organized.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have curated a list of the best jewelry boxes after going through various websites and customer reviews on online platforms. We have selected storage boxes that allow you to store various accessories in a single box. The boxes thus selected have many compartments to keep your jewelry segregated and organized. In addition, we have ensured to only select lightweight products with a large storage capacity. Also included are a few tips to choose the right jewelry box.

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