The Best Toys For 1-Year-Olds That Encourage Fun And Development

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So your little one is a year old, and that calls for a celebration! Also, the Christmas season is almost here, so you have all the more reasons to celebrate with your little bundle of joy. And what better way to celebrate than by showering some toys for the baby?

Toys aren’t just meant for play; they can also contribute to your child’s learning and development. These days, there are plenty of toys that can help with all areas of development, such as social skills, cognitive development, sensory skills, and more (1). We’ve listed a bunch of toys that your child will adore! Here’s what you can get for your proud one-year-old achiever:

1. Finger Paints

Finger Paints

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If you’re looking for something aligned with sensory play, then get your hands (or your child’s) on finger paints! These paints are specially designed to help kids indulge in sensory play — give them a sheet of paper and get started with the paints (2). In case you’re wondering about the dangers associated with these paints, don’t be. Finger paints for kids are specifically made to be nontoxic and easily washable as well. To be on the safe side and make things easier for you later, you could put on a bib or let them wear an old shirt that they can use during playtime.

2. Baby Shark Bath Toys

Baby Shark Bath Toys

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Most babies love bath time, and with this baby shark bath toy, they’ll love their time in the tub even more! What’s more, kids who don’t particularly like the water might give in to it if only they could play with these toys! Most of us know the “baby shark doo doo” song; if you don’t know what we’re talking about, look it up now! These baby shark bath toys, when activated, play the “baby shark doo doo” song, and your child will love it! It makes bath time so much more fun and interesting.

3. Baby Drum Set

Baby Drum Set

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Drums are one of the most fun instruments to play, so it is no wonder that babies love playing with drums! You can either get a good old classic one or, if you’re feeling generous, opt for one that comes with in-built music and lights! No matter which one you choose for your child, they will love both!

4. A Cuddly Soft Toy

A Cuddly Soft Toy

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Have you ever noticed how most children (including ourselves when we were kids) have some affinity to soft toys? Mainly that one cuddly toy that is equivalent to the best buddy. Soft toys are a big win with kids because, in a way, these toys help support a child’s mental and emotional development. It helps introduce your child to the idea of nurturing and instills in them a sense of responsibility. Additionally, some kids may also project their feelings through these soft toys. You never know, getting your child a soft toy may be the best gift ever! (3).

5. Teething Books

Teething Books

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Wait…are you confused? We were, too, when we heard of this, but it is true, teething books do exist, and they have to be one of the greatest inventions. Books are so much fun — babies love staring into books that have pictures and fun pop-ups. But when they are in the teething phase, they don’t care much for how lovely the books are; they’ll (try to) rip them apart anyway. This is where teething books come into the picture. Your baby can enjoy the best of both worlds: playing, reading the books, and getting some respite during the teething phase while at it. These books are made of material that your baby can use to bite into. Just make sure you clean them frequently.

6. Toy Chest

Toy Chest

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We think a toy chest is a must-have, especially when your little one blissfully retires for the day after leaving all their toys strewn across the floor. Get your child a toy chest and show them that they must put back all their toys once they have finished playing. You can introduce your child to the idea of cleaning up and being a lot more organized this way.

7. Walkers Or Ride-On Toys

Walkers Or Ride-On Toys

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By the time your baby reaches a year old, they’re most likely going to start with their first steps. Some babies start earlier, while others may start later — let your baby take their time with this one (4). But what you can do to help them is get a fun-looking baby walker or ride-on toy! With these toys, you just have to place your kiddo on them; the inbuilt wheels will move along with your child, and the fun will begin!

In the first year of life, it may seem like all your child does is eat, sleep, make funny noises, and poop. But the truth is, during this phase, the brain is constantly developing. Toys are a great way to help enhance your child’s brain development. The ones we’ve listed above are fun and just what your child needs! Which one are you planning to get for your child? Do you have more to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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