Unplanned Birth In The Bathroom: Deanne And Raffy’s Little Adventure

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No matter how much you plan for your baby’s arrival, when the time comes, you will be in for some surprises. We’ve all heard of crazy birth stories and hope that we won’t have to experience anything out of the ordinary when it comes to our very own. But life has a funny way of playing out. Sometimes, things go according to our plan while other times, it turns out exactly the opposite of what we thought. We can all relate to this, but what happened to Deanne Banaras-Dimacali was unexpected and out of the blue. She had her baby in the guest bathroom of her apartment! That’s right, in a bathroom!

Deanne and her husband Raffy were confident that they would have a smooth delivery, like their first child. Deanne had no complications during her pregnancy. She even said that her doctor, the OB-GYN, assured her that she’d have a normal and smooth delivery because it is her second one. On August 22nd, Deanne woke up from her sleep at 4 am because of her contractions. They were 10 minutes apart and still bearable, which led them to believe that they had time to spare. Little did they know that their baby had other plans.

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By 6 am, her contractions had become worse, and she made multiple trips to the bathroom. She said that she noticed a mucus plug in the toilet. Raffy knew he had to take her to the hospital, considering all these signs. But Deanne did not want to wake up Noah, their 2-year-old son, from his nap. Nor did she want to leave him alone in the apartment. They had planned to drop off Noah at school at 9 am and head to the hospital. Raffy and Deanne assumed that they would have ample time for Raffy to drop off Noah and come back to the hospital to witness the birth of his daughter, Azelie.

They waited for a while but couldn’t anymore. The couple’s driver had arrived, Noah was up and ready to go, and Raffy was nervously waiting to rush his laboring wife to the hospital. By this time, Deanne’s contractions were quite bad. She said that she wanted to use the washroom one last time before they headed out. But she was no idea what was in store for her. She went into the bathroom only to be taken aback in complete shock. Her baby was crowning!

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The couple’s prediction was entirely off. Deanne was going to have the baby any minute, and it felt like it all happened in a split second. Before she knew it, Deanne was sitting on the bathroom floor, and her daughter, Azelie, was right on the carpet of the bathroom floor, crying.

Deanne did not know what to feel. She was overwhelmed. Several emotions were running through her, and her mind was racing. It had happened! An unexpected delivery on the bathroom floor! Even though she was exhausted with the contractions, pain, and delivery, she breathed a sigh of relief. The hardest part was over. Her daughter was born. But she became aware that there were no medics around her baby and soon switched to worry.

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Hearing the screams and cries, Raffy rushed to the bathroom only to find his wife and child on the bathroom floor. He could not believe his eyes! He said he recalls crying tears of joy when Noah was born and handed over to him by the doctors. But this was different. He was in panic mode until he heard his little angel cry. He came back to his senses and wrapped his newborn child in a towel. He then called an ambulance.

The doctors, paramedics, and the OB-GYN were flabbergasted by this birth. Emergency birth at home is not at all common, and this couple and Noah handled it quite well. Noah got to witness the birth of his little sister. The 2-year-old stayed calm as he watched the paramedics cut the umbilical cord and exclaimed, “That’s my sister!”. It was almost miraculous what Deanne and the baby went through, and we are happy that they are safe and sound.

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