One would assume that the baby care market is oversaturated and there’s nothing new to be made — from organic and unscented diaper rash creams to hypo-allergenic baby wash packaged in powder blue bottles. Well, that’s not the case any longer. Babyology, the latest and the safest in baby care products is about to hit the market and it has competitors scurrying to figure out where they went wrong all this time. Babyology prides themselves with being the first baby care brand in the world with 100% edible ingredients. The critical reason for the “edible” part is because a baby’s skin barrier is extremely permeable (1) — newborn skin is five times thinner than ours. Ultimately, what you put on an infant’s skin might get into their bloodstream (2).

Babyology wants its customers to know that actually eating the product is not recommended — actually, it’s highly frowned upon. The concept of edible ingredients in their baby care products means that 100% of the substances are safe even when they are absorbed through the skin — these ingredients can be broken down and successfully flushed out of the body. All of their ingredients are naturally sourced — no chemicals, dyes, fragrances, etc. For example, their Babyology Baby Wash Shampoo lathers into a dreamy foam all because of oat amino acids. That’s right, oat aminos can make things foam. This also means that their products not only support cleansing of the skin and hair, but they are also nourishing.


The edible brand was born from a mother of three and the employee of a personal care company. While pregnant with her first baby, Ilina was determined to find the absolute safest products to use for daughter-to-be. What she found was that there was nothing but a plethora of products that had a bunch of awful ingredients — and even ‘organic’ and ‘all natural’ products were not good enough for the skin of a newborn. Many ‘organic’ products can have fragrances, dyes, and harsh preservatives lurking in their ingredients list. Ilina approached her colleagues with the concept of Babyology and it was an immediate ‘yes’ from each member of her team. The creation of Babyology was in full swing. Luckily for Ilina, she and her team had access to leading scientists. So, this stuff is the real deal.

You wouldn’t feed your baby chemicals so why would you put them on your baby’s skin? Harmful ingredients are unfortunately found in most baby care products. Hint: ‘baby powder’ scent is not naturally occurring in nature — nor is ‘bubble gum’ scent but you already knew that. Babyology is a saving grace to all parents who want a clean and happy (and healthy) bath time experience with their little one. You can learn more about this edible company and their naturally nourishing products via their website. Alternatively, you can visit their Amazon Store to read some reviews about their products. Just remember, don’t actually eat the shampoo — even though you may want to (the products seriously smell amazing).